Pokemon Go: Hidden Raid Boss Catch Rate Multiplier

Pokemon Go: Hidden Raid Boss Catch Rate Multiplier

Raids in Pokemon Go are probably one of the best ways to obtain rare Pokemon into your collection. It is especially good for catching legendary creatures. The formula of your chances to catch the exact Pokemon was already discovered before, but it seems that it doesn’t work the same way in raids. Today we are going to talk about this chance and the thing that appears to be affecting it. This guide will tell you about the hidden raid boss catch multiplier in Pokemon Go.

Catch Rate Formula in Pokemon Go

There is a basic catch rate formula in Pokemon Go that determines your chances of catching a Pokemon with the exact throw. The basic formula looks like this:


  • CR – Catch Rate
  • BCR – Basic Catch Rate which is unique for each Pokemon species
  • CPM – Combat Power Multiplayer which is based on the level of Pokemon you are trying to catch
  • Multipliers – The number based on bonuses obtained from different factors
  • Multipliers = Ball∙Berry∙Throw∙Curve∙Medal∙Encounter

All of these factors are based on everything you are using to improve your chances of a successful catch.

Hidden Raid Boss Catch Rate Multiplayer in Pokemon Go

Even though the basic formula for catch rate in Pokemon Go appeared to be well-known, some players from the game’s community decided to make a little research. They managed to find out that there is some secret multiplier that is hidden but affects the catch rate in raids.

The researchers performed thousands of throws in order to find out the effect of this multiplier. The final results show to us that the catch rate for the first throw of the current battle appears to be similar to the one determined by the basic formula. However, the more throws were performed on the same target, the more different the catch rate appeared to be. The data collected after all these throws suggests that your chances of catching a Pokemon in a raid increase with the number of Pokeballs you throw during the battle.

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Pokemon Go: Hidden Raid Boss Catch Rate Multiplier


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