Pokemon Go Frillish Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


Frillish, a ghost/water type jellyfish Pokemon, was originally released in Pokemon Go strictly as a prize from the Go Battle League (GBL).

Presently, this holds true for its blue-colored male form, which can be obtained after reaching rank 11 in GBL. Once you’re at rank 11, it has a chance to appear as a reward for winning 3/5 matches in a set or just 1/5 matches if you use a premium pass.

It was also available as a research breakthrough reward back in April, but these rewards change from month to month.

In contrast to its male form, Frillish’s pink-colored female form can be obtained much more conventionally. It can appear just about anywhere as a wild spawn and isn’t particularly rare, though given the sheer volume of Pokemon in Go, it still might not be easy to find in the wild.

If you find yourself struggling to find a Frillish in the wild, it can also be hatched from 5km Adventure Sync eggs obtained after walking at least 25km in the space of one week. That said, regular eggs obtained from Pokestops don’t have it in their respective pools and it isn’t available from 7km gift eggs or 12km strange eggs, at least at the moment.

Frillish’s shiny form has yet to be released, so shiny-hunters will have to wait for a future event to introduce it if they’re looking to add a Frillish with more unique coloration to their collections.

In conclusion, queue up for GBL to get a blue male Frillish or scour the wild and hatch Adventure Sync eggs for a pink female one!

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Pokemon Go Frillish Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


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