Pokemon Go Darumaka Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


If you’re looking to add Darumaka to your collection in Pokemon Go, the first thing to figure out is which version you actually want. Darumaka has two forms: the original bright red fire type from Unova and the more subdued plain white ice type from Galar.

Both can evolve into powerful Pokemon in their own right, so there’s no wrong answer!

Unovan Darumaka (Fire)

Unovan Darumaka is generally the easier of the two forms to obtain. It’s available to catch anywhere in the wild, albeit fairly uncommonly. Historically, however, there have been a number of events that heavily boosted its spawns, including GoFest 2020 and the 2021 anniversary event.

If you’re having trouble finding a wild Unovan Darumaka and don’t want to sit around waiting for another event, you can also hatch it from 10km eggs collected from Pokestops. Presently, it’s among the more common Pokemon in these eggs, though the pool is large enough that it may still take you a while to find one.

Unovan Darumaka has had its shiny form available since Summer 2021, when it was released as part of the celebration for Pokemon Go’s fifth anniversary.

Galarian Darumaka (Ice)

In contrast to its fiery cousin, Galarian Darumaka has only ever spawned in the wild during select events. That said, it was quite common during 2021’s Ultra Unlock Part 3 event and it’s likely that future events will feature it again.

Historically, it has often been available from 7k eggs, which can be obtained by opening gifts from friends. The pool for these eggs changes drastically based on events, however, so make sure to tap on the eggs and check what can hatch from them before you commit to this method.

Unlike its Unovan cousin, Galarian Darumaka has not had its shiny form released yet.

So How Do I Get Darumaka?

Fire type Unovan Darumaka can be found in regular 10km eggs and in the wild. Icy Unovan Darumaka is periodically an event spawn and often has a spot in 7km gift eggs, though not always. That’s all you need to know!

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Pokemon Go Darumaka Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


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