Pokemon Go Cacnea Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


Cacnea, the Cactus Pokemon, has been available in Pokemon Go since early 2018 along with many other Hoenn Pokemon that released at the same time. With 50 Cacnea candy, it can evolve into Cacturne, a grass/dark type Pokemon that continues its predecessor’s cactus theme. So, how do you get Cacnea and its shiny form in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, the truth is that you simply can’t get Cacnea’s shiny form at the moment. While other Hoenn grass types like Lotad and Seedot have had entire events dedicated to their shiny releases, Cacnea still is only available with its original color palette.

That said, many players will still want to evolve a Cacturne for collection purposes or even to use in battle, which begs the question, just where do you find Cacnea in Go?

As with most Pokemon, Cacnea spawns in the wild at random. Watch out for sunny weather, as this will increase Cacnea’s spawn rate. It doesn’t nest at the moment, so don’t bother looking for a Cacnea nest any time soon. Furthermore, it isn’t currently available from any type of egg, although these pools are constantly rotating so this may well change in the future.

Cacnea actually does have its shadow form released, although it isn’t currently available from Rocket grunts. In the past, it has been a possible spawn from grass-themed grunts, so keep an eye out for it in future rotations.

So How Do I Get a Shiny Cacnea?

Cacnea’s shiny isn’t released yet, but it will likely be available as a featured Pokemon in a future event. In the meantime, you can catch its regular form and evolve it into Cacturne with 50 Cacnea candies!

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Pokemon Go Cacnea Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


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