Pokemon Go is a game with many different Pokemon you can catch. The pride of any Trainer is its Pokemon collection that consists of the creatures that were caught. During your journey, you may encounter a lot of them and your collection may be big enough. But, in case you want to catch some designated Pokemon you may search for the answer on the Internet for some related articles. This one will tell you how to catch Burmy in Pokemon Go and how to get its Shiny Version.

How to Get Burmy in Pokemon Go

Burmy in Pokemon Go is quite an interesting Pokemon. This Bug-type creature has two genders and each of them evolves differently. Also, it will be covered in specific material related to the place where you caught it. There are few ways to get Burmy in Pokemon Go.

The first way is to simply find it and catch it in the wild. The type of Burmy you will catch is based on the area where it spawned. In grassy and green areas like parks, it will be covered in a Plant Cloak. If you catch Burmy in Sandy areas you will get it with a Sandy Cloak. Finally, in case you caught it in a town or urban area you will get it covered with a Trash Cloak.

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Also, you can meet Burmy as a first-tier Raid Boss in Raid Battles. You will be able to meet all three versions of Burmy in Raids. The other ways to get it are currently unavailable.

How to Get Shiny Burmy in Pokemon Go

The Shiny Version of Burmy is obtainable via standard way. Just try to get as many Burmy as you can and once you will catch a shiny one. The more encounters you have. the more chances to meet them.

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Pokemon Go Burmy Guide: How to Catch, Shiny Availability, and More


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