Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is getting a game-changing feature later this month, and Niantic has finally revealed all the details of the upcoming Battle Mode.

Thanks to Battle Mode, players will be able to challenge other players in Pokemon battles. Before starting searching for opponents, players will have to pick three Pokemon to create a battle party. Battles themselves will be pretty straightforward, as Niantic wanted things to be quick, as suited for a mobile experience to be played on the go.

Once you have picked your battle party, it’s time to get dirty. Players will be able to play against other friends who have reached Ultra level or higher and players met in real life through a QR code scanning system.

Matchmaking is going to make the experience less frustrating. Players can take part in three different leagues, Great, Ultra and Master. The first two have a limit of 1,500 CP and 2,500 CP so that you won’t have to deal with massively powerful opponents if you don’t want to.

Battle Mode can also be enjoyed without limitations each day, but you will be receiving rewards only three times per day, so don’t expect to be able to exploit it.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android in all regions. Battle Mode is launching later this month.


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