Pokemon Go: All 20km Buddies

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For all the fans of Pokemon Go: have you heard about the new mechanic that will help you get candies for your favorite monsties? It is called Pokemon GO Buddy, and with its help, you will be able to achieve some candies and finish the Pokedex all in all.

You will not be alone but with the companion helping you to get the rewards. Still, the number of candies will not be limitless. This article will cover who the 20km buddies are and how getting the sweets works.

​How to Get the Candies in Pokemon Go

To get the candies, you will need to choose your buddy first. So, let us specify the steps of obtaining it.

For the first, please find the Trainer avatar and hit the icon. Then hit the Menu. The next step is to hit Buddy.

By following these steps, you will be able to choose your buddy.

​The List of All 20 KM Buddies in Pokemon Go

All the Pokemon Go Buddy are created differently, and with some of them, it will be more difficult for you to obtain the candies. The distance that you will need to cover to earn a candy is also different. So, below you will find the list of all the 20 km Pokemon Go Buddies:

ArticunoRayquazaShayminArceus (Water)Keldeo (Ordinary)Melmetal
ZapdosJirachiShaymin (Land)VictiniKeldeo (Resolute)Zacian
MoltresDeoxys (Attack)Shaymin (Sky)CobalionMeloettaZacian (Crowned Sword)
MewtwoDeoxys (Defense)Arceus (Bug)TerrakionMeloetta (Aria)Zacian (Hero)
Mewtwo (armored)Deoxys (Normal)Arceus (Dark)VirizionMeloetta (Pirouette)Zamazenta
RaikouDeoxys (Speed)Arceus (Dragon)TornadusGenesectZamazenta (Crowned Shield)
MewUxieArceus (Electric)Tornadus (Incarnate)Genesect (Burn)Zamazenta (Hero)
SpectierMespritArceus (Fairy)Tornadus (Therian)Genesect (Chill)Eternatus
EnteiAzelfArceus (Fighting)ThundurusGenesect (Douse)Eternatus (Eternamax)
SuicuneDialgaArceus (Fire)Thundurus (Incarnate)Genesect (Normal)Urshifu
LugiaPalkiaArceus (Flying)Thundurus (Therian)Genesect (Shock)Urshify (Single Strike)
Ho-OhHeatranArceus (Ghost)ReshiramXerneasZarude
CelebiRegigigasArceus (Grass)ZekromYveltalRegieleki
RegirockGiratinaArceus (Ground)LandorusZygardeRegidrago
RegiceGiratina (Altered)Arceus (Ice)Landorus (Incarnate)DiancieGlastier
RegisteelGiratina (Origin)Arceus (Normal)Landorus (Therian)HoopaCalyrex
LatiasCresseliaArceus (Poison)KyuremHoopa (Confined)Calyrex (Ice Rider)
LatiosPhioneArceus (Psychic)Kyurem (Black)Hoopa (Unbound)Calyrex (Shadow Rider)
KyogreManaphyArceus (Rock)Kyurem (White)Volcanion
GroudonDarkaiArceus (Steel)KeldeoMeltan

This is the complete list of all 20km Buddies in Pokemon Go. Enjoy playing!

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Pokemon Go: All 20km Buddies


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