Who didn’t see this coming? With the biggest battle royale titans flooding onto the mobile scene all at once, it’s no surprise that the original breakout hit wants in on the action too! PUBG’s official twitter account announced today that the game is now available for download on both iOS and Android systems.

If you somehow haven’t heard of the craze surrounding the game, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a competitive shooter where the last man standing wins. 100 players are dropped onto an island where they must scramble for supplies and weapons to survive deadly encounters with each other.

Featuring all sorts of weapons and utilities, PUBG truly showed how hectic and intense close-quarters shoot outs could get when it’s down to the last couple of survivors.

Before this, there was no true mobile version of PUBG. Mobile developers caught onto how popular the game was, so you had all sorts of clones popping up on the App Store left and right. Now that the official version has finally been released, this may put an end to the clones. The development team is so confident in the mobile version that they called it the “true Battle Royale experience,” which may or may not be an direct jab at Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Now, you can get that coveted chicken dinner on the go! The mobile version of PUBG is a no frills clean cut port of the original game. Just like Fortnite, the full experience is here: all 100 players are intact, the 8×8 km island is here to fully explore, and you can even team up with friends and use in-game voice chat. The original star of the battle royale genre is here to claim its stake in the mobile market.

What do you think? Are you fan of Fortnite or PUBG? Or neither? Whatever the case, there’s a game for all battle royale enthusiasts now on mobile, so everyone should be happy!

You can grab PUBG from the App Store and the Google Play Store.


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