Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap

The Wonder Boy series is among the most important platform game series that started back in the 80s. The first few entries have been released on the SEGA Master System console, but soon enough iOS and Android players will be able to enjoy one of these classic games on their device of choice.

Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap is a remake of the third entry in the series. This remake, which is also available on other gaming platforms, will hit iOS and Android devices later this month, on May 10th.

A new trailer showcasing the game has also been released, and you can find it below.

Unlike many other mobile games, Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap is going to be a premium title, and so there will be no IAP or locked content: once you purchase the game, the whole experience will be available to you.

The mobile port also seems to have been done pretty well, not surprising considering it’s been developed by Dotemu. Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap on iOS and Android will come with full controller support as well as a retro mode that will allow players to chose between the modern and classic presentation.

Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap launches on May 30th on iOS and Android. By pre-registering on Google Play, it will be possible to purchase the game with a 30% discount.


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