A brand new auto runner game has been made available recently on the App Store, a game that many will appreciate thanks to its setting and features.

The new game is called Smurfs Epic Run and it features, as the name suggests, the Smurfs as they run through a variety of stages, avoid dangers, collect items and more. Players will be able to control a variety of Smurfs like Papa Smurf and others, each one with a unique special ability that will allow players to approach stages differently, collect more items and improve their score.

Improving the score in Smurfs Epic Run isn’t the only things players can do in the game. There are plenty of unlockable characters as well as daily challenges which will make players come back to Smurfs Epic Run every day.

With over 100 levels and several playable characters, Smurfs Epic Run seems to be a cut above the average auto runner game on the App Store. You can check out the game’s colorful presentation and engaging gameplay experience right now, as the game is available for download for free in all regions.



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