Platform Game Fea: Clash of the Avian Minion Launching On iOS During Spring


Another interesting platform game is going to be released in the upcoming months on iOS devices. Even though the game may not look that much different than many other titles now available, its unique design will allow Fea: Clash of the Avian Minion to stand out from the competition.

In Fea: Clash of the Avian Minion players will control the young girl Fea and her crow at the same time. The crow will be collecting coins and power ups in the game while Fea will have to avoid pitfalls and move over complicated terrain as quickly as possible.

Everything will be made more complicated by the fact that you will have to be really quick to avoid all the dangers that poor Fea will have to face. Failure is going to come often if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Luckily the game comes with a rewind feature, which will allow you to correct any mistake you have done and save the young girl from death. This feature is going to be quite balanced as abusing it will simply not be possible. Rewind time too many times and you will have to start the stage from the very beginning.

Fea: Clash of the Avian Minion will include nine levels set in different locations like forests and caves, all with their own distinct look. All enemies are taken from Irish mythology, giving them a very distinct look.

The bad thing about this game is that it still hasn’t a set release date, launching sometime during Spring 2014. If you’re interested in Fea: Clash of the Avian Minion, you can take a look at a fresh trailer for the game right below.

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Platform Game Fea: Clash of the Avian Minion Launching On iOS During Spring


  1. Hi! It’s Alan here from morrigame…just a friendly heads up that we released Feá:Clash of the Avian Minion to the App Store, so you can now play it if you wish! :)


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