Circa Infinity

A very interesting puzzle game has been recently made available on the App Store, a game featuring a unique gameplay experience that all fans of the genre willl surely appreciate.

The new game is called Circa Infinity and it’s a platform game where players have to jump and dive through circular levels filled with monsters. To proceed, players will have to head toward the exit located at the center of each stage while avoiding demons and all sorts of traps.


Things are easy enough in the first few stages, but Circa Infinity becomes more complex in later stages, with players having to deal with more powerful demons sporting better mobility and more dangerous hazards.

Circa Infinity also comes with a very unique art style that makes the experience feel even more unique. With so many interesting features, the game is the title to get for those who are looking for a very interesting puzzle game to play on the go.

Circa Infinity is now available on the App Store for the price of $2.99 in all regions.



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