Planet Gold Rush is a brand new strategy and base management game for Android and iOS-powered devices, with a touch of gold. Now who doesn’t like gold, especially when it comes in such large quantities? You’ll start out small, but build your gold empire soon if you play this game. And we’re here to make everything even more fun and easy by sharing a bunch of Planet Gold Rush cheats and tips with you.

The game starts out slow with not so much to do, but expands relatively fast as you go up the levels, so be patient with it as there are a lot of extra things to do as you build new structures. We’ll talk about all that and hopefully more below in our Planet Gold Rush tips and tricks guide.

Always explore the entire area
When taking your truck to do some exploring, it’s extremely important to explore the entire map. Each time you start a new ride, you should make sure that you don’t leave anything unexplored. Apart from the dirt and gold that you can find (which won’t matter that much as you progress through the levels), you can also find a bunch of other useful boxes with special materials, and those are the really important things in the game as they allow you to further upgrade your structures.

If you don’t explore the entire map, you risk the chance of losing some of these valuable materials. When exploring, areas where you will find them will be marked by sparkling stars – but you have to get close enough to see the stars.

The wood chopping minigame
When you discover a new dirt mine with your track, you enter the wood chopping minigame which should be completed before the time runs out. It’s really easy to do it if you have some things in mind, and I am sharing them with you below:

– Always try to add new woodcutters in such a way that they will handle two tiles of wood (if possible)
– Don’t wait for them to complete before you do a new batch of clouds removal – try to open up as much of the map as possible
– You can do wood chopping yourself, or even tap the trees your woodcutters are taking down to speed up everything. But you should focus on removing shrubs and other items that your woodcutters won’t deal with

The game itself is really easy and I never had any problems with it by following these simple tips. As you go up the levels, you will unlock the Survey Shack which will give you more cards and make things more complicated, but they are introduced one at a time and are relatively easy to get used to.

Upgrade all buildings
Keeping all buildings upgraded in Planet Gold Rush is essential because this is the only way to go up the levels and unlock new in-game features. Start working on new upgrades as soon as you log in to the game, before starting exploration missions. Always start with the upgrades that require the least time to complete in order to increase your chances of completing them during a play session. Also, make sure that you leave the longer lasting upgrades for when you leave the game for a longer period of time.

Level up to unlock new things
As I said in the intro, there are very few things that you can actually do in the game as soon as you start it apart from the truck exploring game which I don’t really enjoy going through. But you have to do it in order to get all the items needed for upgrades.

As you level up your buildings, you unlock more and more things in the game, as well as new areas to explore. This also gives you more things to discover on the map, like the Mining Drill on the map, the Downhill Run minigame and even more resources to handle and consider for further upgrades.

Basically, this is a game that gets better and has more to offer the more you play, and this is the most important advice I can offer: play the game constantly and return to it every now and then and things will get better. This is that type of a game that you enjoy more the more you play it.

These would be our Planet Gold Rush tips and tricks for now. If you have more to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.



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