A new platform game with a unique gameplay experience is going to be released later today on the App Store, following its release on the New Zealand App Store a few hours ago.

Skullduggery!, developed by ClutchPlay Games, is a really unique platform game where players will have to launch a head around a variety of dungeons. While the slingshot mechanic is not the more original around, its execution in Skullduggery! is definitely unique.

Complementing the unique gameplay mechanic of Skullduggery! is its level design, which is clever and very well done. Early stages will allow players to get acquainted with the controls and basic features while later ones will provide a good challege. Tossed into the mix are several collectible and power ups that will spice the gameplay experience as well as making completionists happy. Even without the extra content, there’s enough in the game to make it last quite a while.

Skullduggery! promises to be one of the more unique games available on the App Store. The unique execution of a somewhat common mechanic will make the game stand out from the competition.

Skullduggery! will be released later today on the App Store for only $4.99, a price that’s more than worthy the game’s quality and content.



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