Pixel Starships, the spacecraft building MMORPG with 8-bit-inspired visuals, has rolled out a new content update just three months on from its successful eSports expansion.

Developer SavySoda has fired the Advanced Tactics add-on into orbit, introducing a raft of new strategic options that mid-to-high level players are sure to put to good use.

Focused on enhancing Pixel Starships’ competitive play, the update has ushered in the Starship Cloaking weapon – a power-up that makes your spacecraft invisible to opponents for a limited time – and new hull expansions which enable players to carry more weapons and cargo around in the vessels.

Advanced Tactics also makes it possible for crews to work together in groups to gain unique passive abilities, and introduces the biochemistry facility, a hub where players can craft items. New achievements, crews, room upgrades, missions and more round off the additional content.

Pixel Starships, which was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, is has attracted over 3 million players since going live on iOS and early-access beta Android.

The game, and its latest content update, are available to download now from Google Play and the App Store.


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