Welcome to the perfect little utopia in the sky! Pixel People is a city management game where you are in charge of creating an all-new utopia. A good city is nothing without good people, so create new jobs by mixing and combining old jobs! New clones will be sent to you so take care of them, give them a good job and home, and you will be up and running in no time. Our Pixel People cheats and tips will show you how to run your city efficiently!

With a little bit of detective work and a lot of patience, you will find all of the gene combinations in no time and your utopia will be amazing! Let’s get started with our Pixel People cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Pay attention to the splicing tube!

At the Arrival Center when you are splicing together genetic materials, pay attention to the test tube in the middle of the screen. The color of the liquid can give you an idea of what to expect when you fuse the materials together. If there is a pink liquid, that means you have discovered a brand new job! If the liquid is yellow, that is a combination you have already discovered. If it is gray, that is an incompatible combination.

As a side note, you will notice that some of the gene buttons at lit up and some are grayed out. The lit up categories contain potential combinations that you have not found yet, so you do not need to waste time by digging around through all of the genes.

Build the Bank as fast as possible!

One of the buildings you can get is the Bank. The Bank has a special bonus that applies to every other building that is fully occupied with all of its workers. From the moment the bank is built, all of those buildings gain produce double coins! The quickest way to unlock the Bank is to discover the gene for the Secretary, which is Mayor + Deputy.

When you have the Bank active, you will gain a lot more coins once you start filling out all of the positions at your buildings! Remember that if you ever forget a combo for an existing job, you can always refer to the job listing at the top of the screen.

Collect hearts!

Once your utopia has grown a little bit, your residential areas will begin to produce hearts! These hearts are all of your utopia’s citizens’ positive thoughts and gratefulness materialized into one giant heart. If you can manage to collect ten of these hearts, you will be rewarded with a special delivery. These deliveries usually contain exciting new animals for you!

Plant more trees for faster coins and utopium!

You can choose to plant trees in your city for decorative purposes. Your trees will also produce coins for you over time, but they must be collected manually. They are a great way to earn some extra coins though, so try to be as attentive to them as possible. You can harvest your trees only a certain amount of times every eight hours. The trees all share the same harvest limit, so buying more trees does not grant you more coins, but rather faster coins.

Fill out a building to better your economy!

As we mentioned before, a fully occupied building with the Bank built is the best way to earn more coins. If you are having trouble discovering the other jobs for a building, the hints usually help you out a bit. The hints will tell you directly what the job is, so with some logical thinking you can usually piece together what jobs you need to combine. You can also pay with utopium to reveal the actual combo, but you do not need to really do this.

That’s all for Pixel People! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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