There’s a brand new pirate-themed game available on the App Store – Pirate Power. The game challenges you to become once again that amazing pirate captain that you used to be – and that’s not an easy challenge to complete! But I am here to help you make the journey as fast and as pleasant as possible by sharing with you some Pirate Power cheats and tips that will help you rule the seas again. These are tips and tricks that are mostly aimed at beginner players, but more advanced ones might have a thing or two to learn, so it might not hurt to check them out as well.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Pirate Power tips and tricks!


1. It’s all about mission grinding
You need a lot of money and resources to upgrade your boat and in order to get those, you need to complete missions… over and over again. So that’s exactly what you should do! Find the missions that give you the best possible rewards (character stones, money and resources) and complete them a few times before moving on. If you ever reach a point where you can no longer complete a mission to keep the story going, grind some more, upgrade your boat and keep on playing!

2. Add friends
Friends are incredibly important in the game, but unfortunately you can only add Facebook friends (so you might need to do some friend searching for Pirate Power and post your Facebook profile like here and there). But once you have friends, you can help repair their boats on the map and this rewards you with Pearls which can be used to improve the stats of your ship. So do this ASAP!

3. How to attack enemy ships
All enemy ships have a similar way of functioning, and destroying its bits in the correct order makes the difference between an easy win and a loss. Aim at the weapons first to take them down and then destroy the shields – the ones similar to the Square Sail should be your main focus. If you manage to unleash a special attack immediately afterwards, during the ship’s unprotected phase, your shots will do even more damage so it’s worth holding on to your special attack for those particular moments.

Learn what each attack does and how to get the most out of it: some (like Rufus’) only shoot in a straight line and if they don’t have anything to hit, they’ll be a waste of action points. Also have in mind that after using an attack, it’s next price will require one extra action point, so only use them when needed.

4. How to keep your ship in top shape
Upgrading your ship is the key to success and in order to do it you need in-game money, resources and sometimes progress through the missions. I would suggest to always start upgrading your weapon first, then your shield (the Sail, not the nose), then your hull and only afterwards everything else.

5. Keep collecting the character medals
This works well with grinding: keep completing missions that reward you with character medals in order to evolve the characters you already have. Evolved characters are way better than their regular counterparts.

Since there is no energy in the game, you can play as much as you want and the best thing is that you will always have, this way, a ton of things to do and missions to complete. This is a fun game that can easily eat up hours of your time, so make sure you spend them right!



  1. “Since there is no energy in the game, you can play as much as you want…” There IS energy! You can battle upto 5 times before waiting or watching ads for more energy.

    • It means that I was fooled into think there is none because of constant leveling up, I have no idea why else… I certainly played a lot more than 5 times before having to wait or anything special. Or maybe I just had a nice bug :)


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