PictoQuest Combines Logic Puzzles with Classic RPG Action


Do you love logic puzzles? Do you enjoy RPG action? Then we have the game for you! Introducing PictoQuest, a new kind of puzzle game that blends real-time action RPG combat with the patient logic puzzle solving.

Sounds like a chaotic mixture, right? Well you are right! If you are not familiar, logic puzzles present you with an empty grid full of tiles. On the top and left sides of the grid are numbers, and these numbers are supposed to clue you in on how to solve the puzzle.

You see, each number tells you how many tiles in that row or column are “filled”. When a tile is filled, you have to mark it. Once you mark all of the correct tiles, a cool little pixel art picture will be revealed to you, and you have finished the level!

Now, normally these kinds of puzzles are supposed to be relaxing, but PictoQuest shakes things up by introducing RPG combat into the mix. While you are solving a puzzle, a monster will be constantly attacking you on the side.

To combat this, you can outfit your hero with powerful magic items to give you an edge in combat. These puzzles are hard enough, so you need all the help you can get!

PictoQuest is available now on the App Store for 3.99 USD.

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PictoQuest Combines Logic Puzzles with Classic RPG Action


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