The new “Don’t Step the White Tile” mania has finally caught us here at Touch Tap Play and we’re working on majoring in Piano Tiles, a great game in the genre of black tile tapping. If you have played the game already, you know that it’s extremely difficult to get a satisfactory high score, so we are here to help you with some Piano Tiles cheats: tips and tricks that will help you get that high score you always wanted without doing anything illegal in or with the game. Good ol’ skill and knowledge – that’s the way to go!

So if you’re searching for ways to get bragging rights for your high score, check out our Piano Tiles cheats and tips below and you’ll get them!

1. Learn to play using two fingers
When I first started to play Piano Tiles on my iPad, I was using just one finger. Obviously, you are way slower if you use just one, so the best thing you can do is to master using two fingers: either the thumbs or the index fingers. Thumbs are actually an option only if you play on an iPhone, but if you can lay it flat, index fingers might be a better choice. My strategy is pretty simple when it comes to optimizing the tapping: with my left finger I tap the tiles on the first two rows (from the left) and the right one is left for the final two. There are people who alternate the tapping and use a finger for each new tap, but that becomes difficult when you have your left hand on the fourth row and you have to jump over it with your right one to tap the first row. So dividing the board into two pieces and allocating one finger for each works the best!

2. Practice with the slower paced modes
The Classic and Zen modes in Piano Tiles can be considered the easy game modes because you have no increasing speeds there and instead you have to find your own rhythm. This is a good practice for the the more difficult modes, so make sure you play them often before focusing on Arcade or Rush, which are pretty hardcore.

3. Change fingers
If the two index finger method is not working, try to find something new that works for you. One of my friends has insane skills with the index and middle finger of the same hand: try it out too and find what works best for you!

4. Take advantage of the rest reminder
Seriously, you need it. Tap the More button in the game’s main menu and set the timer for the rest reminder. 5-6 minutes would be perfect, but 10 might work well too. Just remember to rest your eyes regularly: not only that it helps your overall health, but it also helps you get back into shape because during the rest periods you should calm down and regain focus – stuff that you probably lose while you play repeatedly and get angrier and angrier…

5. Don’t try to beat the top scores on the leaderboards
The top players with seemingly impossible scores on the leaderboards are players who have hacked the game and their Piano Tiles high scores are not real. Obviously, you can’t beat those players (who use tools to simply edit their high scores), but instead focus on beating the more real-looking high scores. Use your common sense and maybe ignore those high scores completely and only compete with your group of friends.

6. Become a master of one level only
The most challenging game modes are the Arcade, Rush and Relay modes thanks to their “endless” modes. Try to master one of them by playing it over and over – with time, you will see that you’ll do better and better and your high scores will surprise you too.

7. Remove any screen protection you might have
It is useful, I know, but your device needs the maximum sensitivity possible to “feel” your taps, so if you get the feeling that although you’re tapping the right tile, the game doesn’t see it, remove any screen protection you might have and try again.

For now, these would be our Piano Tiles tips and tricks. Do you have any other suggestions to help out fellow players?? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Lol’d at the two finger tip. Use as many fingers as possible. I use three. Has no one ever played tap tap? And yes, dont play for more than ten minutes or you start mildly hallucinate

    • Im pretty sure i played for 10 minutes straight to get my high score on normal arcade as it is almost 4000,i had no internet so i had nothing better to do,i prefer faster arcade cuz for me im at a point at normal arcade where its no longer increases in difficulty so i switched to faster where my high score is 419

  2. I loooooooove this game and these tips really help especially the one where it tells you to listen to the take a break thing coz if you don’t you end ip crazy and addicted

  3. My best friend is really good at this game and I ask her all the time how she could possibly move that fast her high score on arcade mode is 335 and I’m just like I can barely make it to 90

  4. First game I played, I only got a 2 using Arcade-normal. I thought there’s no way I’d be able to get into the 100’s. A week later after trial and error and practice, my high is 2196.

  5. I downloaded this yesterday and have probably played about 30 games so far and my best at arcade mode is 298… Pretty proud of that! I felt very much in the ZONE. I can see how people fet scores if 2000 and such with some practice!

  6. I love this game. My clad I pro score is realistic 8.224, but when I looked on google images they were like 2.375, so I just beat my friends! ;)

  7. Some of them, I believe, are not hackers — currently I stand between the top 10 – 100 in most game modes without cheating. I would be able to go even faster if I was ambidextrous.

  8. The rest is for real. If you don’t break you’ll end up slipping. I got 8260 in 12″ relay, never thought I’d get that high. If you stay calm and don’t worry about your score and relax your muscles you’ll do fine. Its a mental thing too. I was trying to beat my friends score of 2999. I was shooting for like 3500 or something then I get done with my arms about asleep with over 8000. Patience and relaxing really pay off. I use my thumbs to play.

    • My high score is 849 (arcade), which I was pretty proud of, but you just crushed my hopes and dreams >~<

      I think that that is the key, to stay calm and don't sweat it, but my little brother started yelling at me , which made me mad and I lost focus…. I still have no't managed to hit 800 again

  9. I think it would also help if you have somewhat of a reflex skill, but I could be wrong
    Reflexes seem to naturally come more in the faster areas

  10. One tip is do to hold your device in your hand. Put it down on the surface without your elbows touching anything. For me it’s useful to use only your index fingers. My high score is 638 :)

  11. Change the colors of the tiles u need to touch to ur favorite colors and change the ones u arent suppose to touch to colors you hate…ur mind will automatically tell ur fingers to go to ur favorite color…it works

  12. and yeah guys i can tell you one more tip find a song thats fits you the best for me it’s he’s a pirate and i don’t know why they are telling that relay is one of the hardest mods for me it’s supper easy

  13. my high score for rush is 9.7 tiles per second, I’m trying to get up to 10. and I’m having a hard time, but i should probably take the break before i throw my phone. and my high score in arcade is 2327

  14. Top scores are not fake! I was ranked number 8 on arcade reverse for a few months! I assure you I never hacked or any of that. I have screen shots of my scores and all.

  15. Nothing exciting happens, you just carry on until you die — because it’s endless tiles mode.

    A tip for anyone who’s interested: If you’re a pianist you might find it easy to use four fingers, index and middle on each hand, one for each column :)


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