Summer break finally arrives, and little Sosuke has been waiting for this moment the whole school year. Today, he will pack some supplies in his backpack, grab his trusty bug net, go on a little adventure, and maybe make some memories along the way.

Summer of Memories is a casual and relaxing adventure game from Gagex Co, the Japanese studio behind many casual and heartwarming experiences like Showa Candy Shop and Hungry Hearts Diner.

Sosuke is free to do whatever he likes now that Summer is here. At the start of a day, players will choose what items Sosuke brings with him on his adventure, then they can decide on a location to explore.

Sosuke’s adventure will change depending on the stuff you give him and the places you send him, so make sure to explore the whole island. Who knows what he will find on his expeditions? New friends, new treasure, and even secret hideouts await.

With no time limits, restricting energy systems, or high scores to chase, Summer of Memories is all about the experience. Enjoy the wistful, painting-like artwork and relaxing soundtrack while Sosuke makes the most out of his peaceful Summer vacation.

But, the seasons are always changing, and Summer will eventually come to end. Sosuke’s adventure will bring him to meet friendly and interesting people along the way, and their stories will shape the future of the island.

Summer of Memories is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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