PBA Bowling Challenge Tips and Tricks


PBA Bowling Challenge is one of those games you pick up and play. A simple swiping game, this game takes iOS bowling to a whole new level. After playing it for a bit, I picked up a few simple tips and tricks to make sure you get the highest score.


While it doesn’t seem like it would, PBA Bowling Challenge has a pretty difficult career mode. The first big match has you going up against 14 or so opponents of varying skill levels.

PBA Bowling Challenge

The best thing to do is to practice using the single player mode. You can test out the different balls, lanes and play around with different techniques without it affecting your game.

Ball Selection

Ball selection means everything. The game has 3 special power up balls and over 30 different balls.

Each ball has different stats and weights made for certain situations. So before you pick a ball, make sure you think about what you want to accomplish.

Need to hook a ball to knock down a pin? Use a ball with good hook.

Need precise aim to knock down some tricky pins? Use a ball with more control.

Need to get rid of a nasty 7-10 split? Use the Split Ball power-up.

Of course there all balls with balanced stats, so if you’re looking for a solid, trusty ball, pick one of those balls.

PBA Bowling Challenge

Ball Placement

While ball selection is a big part of the game, so is ball placement. This is another thing you can fool around with while practicing.

I found that if I bring the close to one side of the lane and swipe toward the middle, you can get pretty good spin on the ball.

Ball placement can be adjusted after you bowl the ball. The game allows you to tilt your device to add curve to the ball. Use both to your advantage.

PBA Bowling Challenge is available for free on the App Store.

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PBA Bowling Challenge Tips and Tricks


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