If that title didn’t sell you on Paperbark, we’re not sure what else will! But, if you’re easily swayed by the idea of playing as a cute little critter, then this game is for you! Developed by Paper House Pty Ltd, Paperbark is a simple adventure game where you guide a fuzzy wombat through Australia.

Paperbark isn’t so much a traditional game, but rather an adventure experience that should be had by everyone.

The game utilizes a beautiful pop-up book art style where the environment is drawn in as you go.

You start the game on a blank white canvas, but once the wombat wakes up color comes to the world and suddenly everything seems so pretty.

It’s one hot day in the Australian outback, and a wombat decides that it’s time to go out and look for a new home. Walk around a beautifully stylized interpretation of Australia and watch as the world around you comes to life through the pop-up style. Just imagine your favorite pop-up book that has and you’ve got Paperbark.

If you’re a fan of artsy games like we are, then Paperbark will probably be up your ally. Paperbark is also great if you just want to unwind after a long day and follow the adventure of a cute wombat. It’s a peaceful and relaxing game, but there’s adventure to be had as well.

Paperbark scuttles onto the iOS App Store today for $3.99.


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