Animal lovers rejoice! More furry friends have arrived in the newest update for the mobile version of Minecraft. Specifically, we are talking plump pandas and cunning cats! With these two animals, you can now find all sorts of animals in Minecraft!

Pandas are cute and cuddly mobs that reside in jungle biomes. You will find them mostly in their iconic black and white pattern, but sometimes you can find brown pandas! They will roll around doing typical panda stuff while looking for some bamboo to snack on.

Pandas are a rather unique mob because they can have a random assortment of personalities. Some pandas will be aggressive towards the player, while others will cower in fear of the player and other mobs. Some pandas will even be sick and sneeze! You can tell the personality of the panda by the expression on their face.

Cats are the furry friends that some of you own in real life! You can find stray cats hanging around villages. Unlike pandas however, cats can be tamed! To do so, you must simply give them a raw cod or salmon, and you will win them over.

Tamed cats are fun to have around as they will follow you wherever you go. Just like in real life, tamed cats will not stay still for long and explore their surroundings. They will even sit on random objects, including your furniture!

You can find both pandas and cats now in Minecraft, available now on iOS and Android.



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