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Palworld Criminal Activity Underway: How to Get Rid of Wanted Status

Palworld Criminal Activity Underway: How to Get Rid of Wanted Status
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At first glance, Palworld may appear to be a casual Pokémon-like survival game, but as you immerse yourself in its gameplay, you will quickly realize its intricate complexity. The expansive Palpagos Islands, which serve as the game’s map, are vast and teeming with a variety of pals scattered across every corner of the region. Yet, these pals are not the sole inhabitants; various NPCs also populate the islands.

Interestingly, players have the ability to capture these human NPCs, similar to pals, and enlist them to work in their base. However, this task is no simple feat, as it involves attacking NPCs, an action deemed unlawful that results in a wanted status. When your character becomes wanted, the Palworld Island Defense Force (PIDF) troops initiate attacks against you. These NPC enemies can prove troublesome while exploring the world. Here’s a guide on how to remove the wanted status in Palworld.

Palworld: How to Remove Wanted Status

Palworld PIDF troop
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In Palworld, the wanted status is triggered when you attack a member of PIDF or NPCs such as merchants. Although there are no valid reasons to harm NPCs, you might accidentally strike them or try to capture them for trading. This action can prompt a notification stating “Criminal Activity Underway” and brand you with the wanted status. Consequently, players will face attacks from high-level PIDF troops. This can be particularly frustrating since PIDF troops persistently pursue and continue their assault even after fast traveling to a different location.

There are a few ways to get rid of the wanted status in Palworld:

1) Defeat all PIDF troops

Palworld - fighting PIDF troops
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The first and most straightforward method to remove the wanted status is by eliminating all PIDF troops pursuing you. However, this is no easy feat, particularly for beginners and those at a low level in Palworld. If you find yourself at a low level, consider luring the PIDF troops towards boss or high-level pals. The bullets fired by PIDF troops can hit the pals, drawing their aggression. Once all PIDF troops are defeated, the wanted status will be lifted.

2) Outrun them

While outrunning PIDF troops isn’t easy, it’s certainly not impossible. With the assistance of various mounts available in Palworld, players can quickly escape from PIDF troops to eliminate the wanted status. Flying mounts are the most effective for evading PIDF troops, given that they are ground enemies. If you’re unsure which flying mount to choose, check out our guide on the fastest flying mount in Palworld.

3) Die to PIDF troops

Palworld death scene
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Sometimes, the easiest path is the one with the least resistance. If you succumb to PIDF troops, the wanted status will be instantly removed. If you’re near your base, store your important items in a chest and then intentionally die to eliminate the wanted status in Palworld.

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Palworld Criminal Activity Underway: How to Get Rid of Wanted Status