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Palworld: Best Spots to Farm Paldium Fragments

Palworld: Best Spots to Farm Paldium Fragments
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Looking for the most effective ways to farm Paldium Fragments in Palworld? These fragments are vital resources in Palworld, primarily used to craft Pal Spheres – similar to Poké Balls in Pokémon games

Pal Spheres are hurled at weakened pals to capture them. Given the low capture rates of some pals, players often find themselves using numerous Pal Spheres to secure a catch. Newcomers may struggle to identify the optimal sources for Paldium Fragment farming. While beginners can obtain a few Paldium Fragments by mining stone piles scattered across the Palpagos Islands, this method proves inefficient in the long run.

Continue reading this guide to discover the best ways to get Paldium Fragment in Palworld.

How to Efficiently Farm Paldium Fragments in Palworld

1) Palladium Ores

Palworld Paldium ore
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The most straightforward method is mining Paldium Ores, easily recognizable by their bright, shiny blue glow. A plentiful supply can be found beside the river on the starter island, Plateau of Beginnings. Even if you choose a different starting point, Paldium Ores are abundant near beaches and rivers.

Mining Paldium Ores requires a pickaxe, or alternatively, players can utilize the Rushboar’s Reckless Charge ability to instantly break ores.

2) Dungeons

Palworld Giant Paldium ores
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Palworld features numerous dungeons scattered across the Palpagos Islands. Some of these dungeons contain chunks of giant Paldium Ores. As mentioned earlier, players can capture a Rushboar and unlock its mount ability, allowing them to use Reckless Charge for efficient ore farming.

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3) Automate Stone Farming with Stone Pit and Crusher

Palworld Paldium farming
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One of Palworld’s remarkable features is the ability to automate tedious tasks through pals. After establishing a Stone Pit (unlocked at level 7), add pals with mining abilities to your base, assigning them the task of mining stones. Subsequently, construct a Crusher (unlocked at level 8) to transform stones into Paldium Fragments. Ensure you have a watering pal in your base, as the Crusher requires a water-type pal.

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Palworld: Best Spots to Farm Paldium Fragments