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Paleo Pines Farming Guide

Paleo Pines Farming Guide
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In Paleo Pines, farming is a big component that ties in with other parts of the game. Unlike other similar games though, the way you do it is just a little out of the box thanks to your scaly friends. That’s right, those dinosaurs are there to help you out.

What You Need To Plant Crops In Paleo Pines

Minus a few unique components, the act of growing crops in the game is fairly cut and dry. You use your till to carve out the land, you plant the seeds, and you water the crops every day. You’ll be gifted all of your tools, so don’t worry about that. You can start planting as soon as you get everything or you can wait for Granny to come the next day and show you how to do it. If you do it ahead of time, Granny will still come, say it’s not how she would have done it, and leave. There’s nothing particularly complicated that she shows you, so the choice is yours.

How Dinosaurs Help You With Crops In Paleo Pines

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credit to Italic Pig

You’re not going to do all the work on the farm by yourself! Each dinosaur you tame comes with a special farm skill that they can use to look after your assets in some way.

Harvester – Any dinosaur with this skill is able to pluck ready crops from the ground.

Tender – These dinosaurs will manage the Seed Hub.

Tiller – Use these guys to make the ground ready for placing seeds.

Waterer – When you have a dinosaur with this skill, your watering time will be cut in half, as they use their body to water many crops at once.

Clearer – Units with this skill can remove all of that junk from around the property.

How Soil Quality Affects Things In Paleo Pines

Something really important to look out for when raising crops is the quality of the soil. Depending on the crop you grow, the soil will either change to Sticky, Soft or Firm. Each crop has its own specific soil it prefers, so make sure you check on that. If you want to, you can use fertilizer to match the crop to the soil it likes.

How Seasons Work In Paleo Pines

The world of Paleo Pines has three different seasons – Triassea, Jurassos, and Cretumnus. Triassea is modeled after Spring, Jurassos is based on Summer, and Cretumnus is based on Fall. Crops grow seasonally, so always check something is in the right time of year before you plant it. The better your conditions are, the higher quality a crop will come out!

Grow crops to give treats to all of your favorite dinosaurs in Paleo Pines today! And if you haven’t read it yet, make sure to read our list of all the Biomes in Paleo Pines!

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Paleo Pines Farming Guide