It’s a mad dash to escape the cops! PAKO Forever is a high-speed racing game in which you drive to see how long you can evade the authorities! Be careful though – the slightest scrape against your car will be the end of you, so precision skills are needed if you want to outlive the cops! Our PAKO Forever cheats and tips will start you off with some pointers on how to survive long.

PAKO Forever is all about driving like you mean it, and we’re all about giving it our all, so let’s get started with our PAKO Forever cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t drive in a straight line for too long!

You never want to be set on one path for too long. The longer you survive in PAKO, the speedier the cops become on their relentless pursuit to bring your road rage to a screeching halt.

If you drive in one general direction for too long, sooner or later you’re going to smash right into a cop car that was offscreen, but because it was going so fast you wouldn’t have been able to react in time.

Instead, to avoid this, you want to switch up your driving patterns on the fly. Do a u-turn and start driving the other way the second you suspect a cop might appear out of nowhere and slam right into you!

Survive for 20 seconds and play as Muscle!

You start off PAKO Forever with the OG car. This car has awful turning capabilities and bad acceleration – you won’t be able to survive too long in this rickety old thing.

The good thing is that the first time you survive for 20 seconds or longer, you will unlock the second car, the Muscle.

The Muscle controls significantly better than the OG, so start using it right away and you’ll be able to do much better.

Look up the car list for instructions!

On that note, if you want to start unlocking the later cars, you will need to resort to fulfilling challenges. As mentioned, each car has special conditions that you must fulfill to unlock them.

You will be required to survive for a certain amount of time, drive a certain amount of distance, and so forth. Each car handles differently, so if you want to try them all you will need to start working towards them!

Use your power ups wisely!

Some power ups, like the Bomb, are better when used at the right time. Freeze, Shrink, and Bomb are all great power ups to use in a pinch, as they can save your life in the event of doom.

You can hang onto them for as long a you like, but remember that if you pick up another present your older power up will be overwritten.

Watch out for random encounters!

If you’re close to something out of the ordinary happen, you’ll see text flashing on-screen notifying you that you’re close to a random encounter. Random encounters are exactly that – strange happenings that can range from ghosts flying all over your screen to UFOs abducting you.

While these are fun distractions in their own right, these random encounters are often related to unlocking new vehicles, so try messing with them!

That’s all for PAKO Forever! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


    • It’s one year later, so you may not still be interested, but if so, here goes: to unlock Glassie, you need to find a random event on the Car Shop that consists of a round plaza full of neon letters, then smash most of them. You can drive through them without damaging your car.

  1. Hi there! I have all stages except future. Idk how i got them, that’s why i wanna know, how to receive the stars. I have 18, but i need 2 get 19 for future! Pls help me! S.O.S.!


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