Things are getting heated in Paintball Shooting Games 3D, a new first-person shooter featuring intense paintball action. Pick your paintball gun, choose your snazzy skin, and enter the arena! Only the best will survive the shooting games, and that is why we are here with our Paintball Shooting Games 3D cheats and tips!

Like most first-person shooters, Paintball Shooting Games 3D is all about reflex and skill. Let’s get started with our Paintball Shooting Games 3D cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Conserve your pellets!

Your ammo actually carries over between levels in Paintball Shooting Games 3D. If you do not have any spare pellets, you will start the level with your gun’s default amount of pellets. Extra pellets are always good to have on hand, as you will almost always run out of pellets at a quick rate. Make sure you aim well and do not hold the trigger for too long – you do not want to waste any precious pellets!

Take cover to avoid damage!

The enemy opponents in this game are natural sharpshooters, so you must be careful at all times! If you are out in the open and enemies have a line of sight on you, you are guaranteed to take damage until you take cover behind something. You do not have a lot of health and can only take so many shots, so it is important to stay out of the open as much as you can.

Utilize the sprint button!

Sprinting can you get you in and out of cover quickly, and as you just read that is something you want to get really good at! You can sprint for as long as you want – you do not have to worry about any kind of stamina meters or anything, so you can sprint forever if you really needed to. You can also use it aggressively by closing the distance between you and an opponent very quickly.

Save your coins for the better guns!

When you are choosing a loadout, you will see that your current paintball gun has four boxes next to it that each cost 100 or so coins. Do not be fooled – these are not upgrades! These are simply skins for your gun, but you will not be able to use them once you upgrade to the better guns. Save your coins for the better guns, as you will need the higher firepower and more pellet capacity!

Sneak up on your enemies!

You can actually get the drop on your opponents if you are careful. Depending on the objective of the level, sometimes they will stay still in one spot waiting to ambush you. If you can get a read on their position without alerting them, try to go around and approach them from behind. You do not need to get too close, but you can start blasting them without having to put yourself out in the open.

That’s all for Paintball Shooting Games 3D! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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