After finally managing to complete the Good Advice and Having a Bad Day levels in Paint It Back, we’ve decided to move on to the next challenge, Big Time Bugs. And since you’ve enjoyed our help in the previous articles, we’ve decided to do the same with the new stage and share with you the Paint It Back Big Time Bugs solutions to all the levels.

It is a slow progress, as you probably know already after trying to beat the game, but slow and steady is the way to do it and our Paint It Back cheats will help you move on! So let’s check them out below.

Ant Wearing a Top Hat

Paint it Back Big Time Bugs level 01

Enormous Ant Goes Sightseeing

Part 1

Paint it Back Big Time Bugs level 2 - 01

Part 2

Work in progress!

We’re working to complete as many levels as fast as possible, and we’ll make sure to share them with you once we have them!



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