Touch Tap Play strives to highlight games that dare to break norms and create something wild and never seen before, and we have a new game here that is a prime example of that philosophy: 1sland, a paddle royale game!

Now, we hear you – what the heck is a “paddle royale”? 1sland is a unique twist on the popular battle royale format. Players will take control of a boat, and their main objective is to be the first one to find an uncharted island.

It would not be a battle royale without a bunch of other players trying to do the same, so you will have to compete with a bunch of other boats on the open seas.

If you manage to find the island, you will win the match and earn some prize money. The prize money can be spent on new customization options for your boat and island, so make sure you make a statement with your new looks!

The leaderboards are being updated constantly, so if you want to stay the best you will need to keep an eye on the global ranking. 1sland also features a season pass as the only in-app purchase, so that the game does not fall into a “pay-to-win” situation.

1sland is available now on the App Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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