Pac-Man Bounce

A few months back we have reported that a new puzzle game featuring the popular character created by Bandai Namco Pac-Man has been soft-launched on the Canadian App Store. The game has been in soft-launch mode for quite some time and today it’s finally become available for download in all regions.

Pac-Man Bounce is a puzzle game where players have to move different blocks to make Pac-Man eat all the dots and avoid traps, the usual ghosts and more. To eat all dots and avoid enemies, Pac-Man can also bounce off diagonally off of walls, a brand new feature that has never been seen before in Pac-Man games.

Pac-Man Bounce is definitely one of the more interesting games starring the character created by Bandai Namco thanks to a unique gameplay experience that takes advantage of many of the the series’ staples, twisting them to provide something new, fresh and exciting.

Pac-Man Bounce is now available for download on the App Store for free in all regions. The game is a rather nice puzzle game that all fans of the genre can enjoy so make sure to check it out as soon as possible if you’re a fan of the genre or the character.



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