Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99 is an hectic game, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot come up with different strategies to take down your opponents and emerge victorious from the maze. The game features different targeting options that you should switch between during a match to employ the best strategy for your current situation.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pac-Man 99 targeting options.

How To Switch Targeting Options

As for power-ups, you can switch targeting options in Pac-Man 99 at any time during a match. The only thing you have to do is press the right control stick in different directions: up for Random, left for Counter, right for Hunter, and down for Knockout.


Random is the most basic targeting option in the game, and the one you will begin each match with. This option targets enemies at random, and it’s probably the best option to select as you familiarize yourself with the game and its different options.


Counter is the most defensive targeting option in Pac-Man 99. With this option, you will target all opponents who are currently targeting you, making it a great option if you are being targeted by multiple opponents, as this lets you go after more opponents than normally possible with other options.


The Hunter option is probably the option most players will make the least use of, as it lets you target players with the highest KO count. While going against a player who is good at taking down opponents is a good idea, the other options may be more useful in the long term, especially if there are still a lot of players left in the game.


Knockout is the most offensive-oriented option in the game. By selecting it, you will target any players who is close to being knocked out. Combine this option with the right power-up to see your KO count skyrocket to the floor and beyond!

Manual Targeting

Pac-Man 99 also features a manual targeting option that lets you choose which players to target. To do so, you can press the L or R button to scroll between players or use the touchscreen if you are playing the game in handheld mode.

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