Greetings wizards and witches! By now, many of you have ventured through Hogswarts and unraveled some revelations in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but now thanks to a new update things are about to get a little… furry!

That’s right – pets are coming to Hogwarts Mystery! In this new update, players will be able to purchase their own pets to keep in their dormitory room. You can pick from a toad, a cat, an owl, or a rat. Not quite the normal line-up of pets, but we would expect no less from the Harry Potter universe.

However, bear in mind that these pets don’t come cheap! Pets can only be bought with gems, the premium currency of the game. The prices range from 160 to 320 gems, and if you have been playing Hogwarts Mystery primarily as a free player, then you know how slow you get gems. If you want to buy a furry friend, start saving now!

Once bought, pets will move into your room. When you wake them up in the morning, they generate energy for you so that you can complete more tasks for the day! As a fun little bonus, you can even have a pet follow you around Hogwarts. You can own all four pets but only one may be with you at any time.

Additionally, this update also introduces a time-limited mode where you get to challenge other players in the Dueling Club! Here you can take part in rock-paper-scissor battles that were present in the main story, this time against human players!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


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