Overdox Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Becoming the Champion

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The arena awaits you in Overdox, an exciting new action PvP battle royale experience. With an emphasis on skillful play and timing, Overdox is the perfect game for twitch gamers. With an entire arsenal of deadly weapons and abilities, outfit your own hero to become the ultimate fighter.

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In our Overdox tips and tricks guide, we will go over all of the weapons and abilities in the game and the best ways to use them, among some general battlefield tips. Here is our Overdox cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to becoming the champion!

Play a few matches to have some fun!

Upon starting Overdox for the first time, you will be thrown straight into a training match to teach you the basic controls. After that, you will be automatically placed into a match against bots. Use this time to get a feel for the controls, learn the map, and get used to your weapons and abilities.

Do not worry too much about winning or losing these first few matches, as they are more geared towards getting you acclimated to the game. Experiment with abilities, different weapons, different routes, and just in general get used to the game.

Weapon Guide: The Ins and Outs of every weapon class

Your default starting weapon is the Sword and Shield, a weapon class that is balanced between offense and defense. After playing the introductory matches, you will unlock the Opening Missions, where you can try out different weapon classes that come with different abilities.

We recommend playing through all of the Opening Missions as soon as you are able to, as completing each one rewards you with a basic version of that weapon type so that you can use them in a real match.

Your weapon is everything. Knowing how to use your weapon effectively is the difference between life and death in this game, so it is wise to practice with your weapon of choice before you head into a real game. Here is a complete list of the weapons and their strengths and weaknesses!

1Hand Sword

The default weapon and the jack-of-all-trades weapon, the Sword & Shield has no obvious weaknesses. With fast animations, a variety of hit effects, and a relatively light weight shield that lets you block and parry incoming attacks, the Sword & Shield is perfect for just about any encounter if you want to have no strengths but no glaring weaknesses either.

1Hand Mace

The 1Hand Mace is a beginner’s way into the Mace class. Maces in this game hit hard, usually stunning opponents and knocking them away with their powerful blows. They are heavier than the 1Hand Swords, so their animations are not as fast, but if you like disabling your opponents, Maces are a good choice.

You have a bit of defense as they come with a small shield, but the stability on these shields are generally lower than the 1Hand Sword shields, so be careful when guarding against attacks.

Dual Sword

Dual Swords enable the user to slice and dice their opponent into bits without them knowing what hit them! Dual Swords inflict bleed with its basic attacks, meaning that your opponent will slowly lose health over time. Combine this with your speedy attacks and a very high critical chance rate, opponents caught off guard will fall to the Dual Swords easily.

Because Dual Swords have the lowest weight, this also means they have the lowest stability. Do not attempt to block with the Dual Swords unless its an emergency, as you will most likely lose ALL of your stamina in the process, leaving your vulnerable to counter attack.

Instead, use your light weight to your advantage and dart around your opponent, moving in and backing out when it is too dangerous.

Giant Sword

Giant Swords are massive hunks of steel that can chop anything in two. If you could not tell from the their looks, these things weigh a ton and will slow your character down, and the swings come out very slow. However, if you do manage to land a hit, it will do some good damage thanks to the high base damage.

Giant Swords have a low critical chance but high critical damage, so in the chance you do land a critical hit, it WILL hurt! Basic attacks also stun enemies, so it is easier to follow up with your next attacks. They have also have decent stability, so you can block a few hits to protect yourself.

Giant Mace

These oversized hammers are just like the Giant Swords: heavy weapons with slow swing animations, low critical chance but high critical damage, and high base damage. Stability is decent but not great as well, so do not try to block too many attacks.

The most notable feature of Giant Maces is that the basic attacks have a hit effect called Heavy Hit. If you attack an enemy who is blocking with an attack that has Heavy Hit, they will take increased stamina drain.

You can be an aggressive juggernaut by relentlessly attacking characters who are hiding behind their shield, because eventually you will shield break them, leaving them wide open to big hits!


Halberds are designed to keep you just out of your opponent’s reach while you remain in theirs! While their base damage is lower than the other heavy weapons, they more than make up for it with their extended range. You can poke at opponents from afar, and blocking is viable thanks to the high stability shields.

Some of the Halberds also inflict bleed on the second basic attack, so you can slowly whittle down opponents. Just be careful of your animations – while you have long reach, the Halberd is still a heavy weapon so the animations are a bit long.


The Staff is the oddball of the weapons. While they are 2-handed weapons, they are relatively light and their stats are balanced, but the stability is a bit low. However, the basic attacks of the Staff are very mobile, with the 3rd hit specifically making your do a backflip which serves as an attack and a dodge.

The 2nd basic attack knocksback, so a full combo with a Staff will leave you at a safe distance from enemies. While this does not seem like much, careful play with the Staff can make you essentially untouchable. Ultimately, the staff is an unorthodox weapon but can be very powerful if used correctly.

Ability Guide: Tools to help you on the battlefield

In addition to your weapon’s built-in skill, there are also a variety of abilities that you can use on the battlefield to help you secure a kill or restore your health. You can carry up to two at a time, and they can be swapped out freely.


The most basic ability, Cleanse will immediately remove all negative debuffs on your character. Useful in a pinch, Cleanse can turn a bad situation back into a neutral situation.


Interrupt generates three chunks of ice in a targeted location. These chunks block vision and must be destroyed before they can be passed. Skillful placement of these chunks can force opponents into dangerous situations, or cut off an opponent who is chasing you. Remember that either you or your opponents can damage the chunks.


Entrap places a trap on the ground that lasts for 30 seconds. If an opponent walks within proximity, the trap will go off and immobilize them for 2 seconds. Use fog of war to your advantage when placing these to hide them from opponent’s sights.

Toxic Mist

Create a small pool of toxic mists that lasts for 6 seconds. Anyone in the mist (including you) is slowed and takes gradual damage every second. If you have a weapon with good reach, you can keep opponents in the pool while hacking at them out of the pool.


Simply recovers 20% of your health. Recovery is always a good ability to hang onto.


All enemies’ locations are revealed on the minimap for 3 seconds. Detection also lets you see through fog of war, so you can see enemies through obstacles. Since knowing enemy locations is probably one of the best perks in a battle royale, Detection is one of the most strongest abilities to have.


Teleports you to a targeted location. You are able to bypass obstacles with Blink. Blink is helpful for kiting enemies around or just simply escaping danger.


Throw a confusion bomb that reverses the controls of any character caught in the blast. Using this in a fight can be advantageous, but the affected players can just button mash and you will not be able to tell what direction they are going to swing in. Use this with caution!


Throw out a small vortex that reduces HP by 30%. This is not too helpful early, but during late game where everyone has a bunch of health upgrades, this thing can make a huge difference. Starting off a fight with them missing a third of their health can easily seal their fate!

It is worth nothing that every ability has an upgraded form, but these are rare finds. The upgraded forms basically improve the basic ability, and also add in some additional bonus effects.

Try for set bonuses!

As you learned in the tutorial, set bonuses activate when you wear multiple pieces of armor from the same brand. In general, set bonuses are better to have rather than raw health, but in the end it is up to you.

Certain set bonuses compliment different weapons, so you will need to do some experimenting on your own with your favorite weapons.

Complete daily challenges for superior energy!

Every time you complete a match, you will gain energy. Once you have enough energy, you can open a normal loot box to gain new weapons, armor, and gold. You can only earn a certain amount of energy, and after you exhaust your supply, you will not gain anymore energy.

You can still play matches, you just will not be rewarded for them. Normal energy generates over time, so if you want you can just take a break until your energy comes back.

In addition to normal energy, there is also superior energy, which is gained from completing the daily challenges. Superior loot boxes have a greater chance to carry higher rarity gear, so it is worth your time to complete the daily challenges.

Tips for the battlefield!

  • You may come across tall grass and bushes in certain places of the map. When you are inside bushes, you are completely invisible until you make a move. You can use bushes to ambush unsuspecting players!
  • Open every box you see. You never know if there is something still inside, whether it be credits, health boosts, or abilities.
  • Use the Universal Status Devices! These things can downgrade your opponents’ weapons or inflict other debuffs upon them. You can give yourself a big advantage with these!
  • Make sure you have at least 100 credits when you start heading towards the center. You do not want to be caught out in veil because you did not save enough credits!

And that would be our guide on Overdox for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Overdox Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Becoming the Champion

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