Outsmart the Horde in Zombie Tactics, Now Available on iOS, Android


The zombie apocalypse has yet again arrived on your mobile device! Gosiha Pte’s Zombie Tactics is a real-time strategy twist on the tried and true zombie survival genre where tactical thinking will save the day.

Players will become commanders of an elite squadron ready to take down the zombie hordes. Zombie Tactics features tons of different cards that let you summon new units, place deadly traps, or support your allies.

Zombies will pour into the level from a fixed position, and it is up to you to set up your defense before they break in. Each level is meticulously designed to encourage smart decisions, like using the environment to your advantage.

See that conspicuously red barrel that is about to blow? Why not drop some meat bait near it to lure zombies, then set it off? Or how about that oil spill that is just begging to be lit on fire? With some good timing and careful planning, you can have yourself a nice zombie roast!

Beat levels and earn loot boxes that contain random cards inside them. Progress through the game and your arsenal of cards will grow and grow, giving you more creative options to take out the zombie hordes.

Thin out the undead horde today in Zombie Tactics, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Outsmart the Horde in Zombie Tactics, Now Available on iOS, Android


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