Organize Goods in a Warehouse in Wilmot’s Warehouse, Now Available on iOS


Wilmot prides himself in running his meticulously organized warehouse, making him one of the top and most popular sellers for merchants to purchase wares from. Business is booming, and Wilmot needs a little more help to ensure his warehouse is running in tiptop shape!

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a top-down puzzle game with an emphasis on organization. Players will control Wilmot as he dashes around his warehouse trying to find the correct goods to bring to the front desk to sell.

At the start of a day, the game will enter the delivery phase. A truck will arrive and drop off goods into your warehouse, and it is up to you to use the remaining time of the delivery phase to organize things and get ready to open for business.

After time is up, you will then enter service phase, where merchants will approach the front desk and ask for specific goods. Wilmot must dig into the warehouse and find the appropriate goods and bring them to the merchant – the faster he is, the more money he will make, which makes organization extremely important.

You do not want to be digging around yelling “where did I put that?!” when a merchant is waiting for their order, so organization is key here. At the end of a day, you will perform stock take to keep track of what you have, giving you a heads up on what to do for the next day.

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a game for people who love organization. The game is available now on the App Store for 4.99 USD.

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Organize Goods in a Warehouse in Wilmot’s Warehouse, Now Available on iOS


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