A new source data platform titled OpenKit, which allows game developers to create iOS games and integrate features such as achievements, leaderboards, social challenges, ghost data, and cloud storage, has officially been launched.

OpenKit was created by Peter Relan whom some might recognize as the co-founder of the now defunct social media platform OpenFeint. Using its own dedicated open source hosting platform, OpenKit includes full API integration with iOS’s Game Center and has built in social tools that allow developers to link their games to both Facebook and Google Plus. Relan has said that OpenKit is essential for “providing all important mobile backend services for mobile game developers.”


Praise for OpenKit has already started pouring in as Dave Mitchell of mobile games developer Two Tales stated that: “OpenKit takes all the pain out of implementing cross platform social features like leaderboards and challenges. It’s saved us a huge amount of development time.” Mitchell and his team are just one of many mobile developers who have been utilizing OpenKit and so far the reception has been very positive.

More information about OpenKit, including documentation, pricing, bios for the OpenKit team, and contact information can all be found at OpenKit’s official website.



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