Take control of an onigiri, a little rice ball snack and evade the hungry jaws! They are after you and you need to swipe to get rolling! How long can you survive in Kaihi, a new one-touch arcade game.

Kaihi puts players in command of a helpless little onigiri. You must survive the wave and wave of hungry jaws and weird eyeballs that are out to get you, and the only way you can move around is by swiping!

You will need to be careful with your swipes as to not slide right into one of the monsters. There are also plenty of shiny coins to collect, and you can spend those on new onigiri characters, including one that wears an eyepatch!

Featuring cute pixel art graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, Kaihi is the perfect game to play while you are out and about.

Kaihi is available now on the App Store.


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