The Crystal Guardians are tasked with protecting the magical crystals from hordes of evil creatures attempting to seize its destructive power. They are only thing that stands between total world domination, and they need your help!

Crystal Guardians is a one-touch fighting adventure game. Players take on the role of the last two remaining Crystal Guardians who are protecting the last crystal shard. They must travel the land in search of more shards, many of which have been stolen by evil monsters.

During a battle, enemies will move towards the center of the screen where the crystal shard is. To attack, you simply touch on that appropriate side. Crystal Guardians is a test of reflexes and dexterity, so prepare for a fight!

If you fight skillfully, your heroes will be able to transform into ultra powerful classes that can turn the tide of battle. There are shops scattered around the land as well, and you can purchase armor, weapons, and items to help you out.

Will you be able to defend the last crystal shard? Crystal Guardians is available now on the App Store for 1.99 USD.


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