One Piece Bounty Rush Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles

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The One Piece Bounty Rush tips and cheats we will share with you in today’s guide will help you form a strong team and win all the battles! Since the game is exciting on its own, we don’t have to go out of our way to make it more challenging and tough to beat. 

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We have decided that this One Piece Bounty Rush guide should tell you exactly what to do in order to make the game easy from the very starting point, so you don’t have to go through a lot of pain and suffering to gather all the Rainbow Diamonds necessary to get some 4* characters.

So, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the One Piece Bounty Rush tips and tricks!

Make the game playable

First things first, we will start off by saying that you need to be able to play the game properly in order to enjoy it. That means that if you are constantly laggy, it won’t be a nice experience, so you can’t really enjoy the game to its fullest potential. 

There are two options you can choose to play the game in: Regular Mode and Lite Mode. If your device is pretty new and has a good processor and video card, then you might want to use the Regular Mode. If you feel like the game is slow or laggy (or you have that general feeling that it’s “heavy”) then go for the Lite Mode.

Since the game’s graphics are pretty good and it’s packed with action, the Lite Mode will help you kinda tone it down a notch so you won’t get a headache from all the moving in the game. You can also play a little with the Horizontal Camera Sensitivity and Vertical Camera Sensitivity to see which settings work best for you. 

Use the Battle Stamps to communicate

The Battle Stamps are a quick way to tell your team (when you will start playing with other players) to perform a certain action. By default you have four of them set, but in my opinion they don’t really help you tell your team what to do, and that’s only going to lead to chaos (even more than there already is!).

Even if the default Stamps are kinda “cute” to have, you’re a pirate so you need to toughen up and take serious decisions! I suggest using the four most useful Stamps to communicate with your team better: “Attack!”, “Watch Out!”, “Get Treasure” and “Guard Treasure”. 

These are all the Stamps and the way I consider best to use them:

– Let’s do this! – I don’t really see when you would use this, apart from the beginning of the game, and even then it’s pretty irrelevant.

– Good Job! – It’s great for an end-fight call or to praise an ally, but other than that it’s a no-no.

– Sorry! – Pirates don’t apologize!!

– Don’t worry! – This one could be used in a post-fight situation in case you lost, but if that’s the case, then go again with more determination!

– Thanks! – Too polite, but it can be used when a team mate helps you in a fighting situation.

– Good Game! – This one is a good post-game call, which gamers usually use (GG), but there are better Stamp options so I don’t suggest using this one either.

– Attack! – Now this is a very useful Stamp. This lets you communicate with your team easy and make decisions as a whole.

– Watch out! – Another useful Stamp that I consider a must have. This will let you communicate with your team and warn them of an incoming attack. 

– Get Treasure, Guard Treasure – The Get Treasure and Guard Treasure Stamps are very useful if you want to split the chores in a team (and actually work as a team). I suggest using these two because they can help you win the battles easier. For example you can have a weaker ally pick up the Treasure while you and the others are defending the weaker ally. 

This is a great technique that you can put to good use and achieve the game objectives much easier. As communication is key, these Stamps will help you deliver just the right message to your team. 

Use the Ticket Scout or reset

When you first start the game you are going to receive a free Ticket Scout to summon 11 characters. One of the characters you receive from this will be 4*, and that is going to be your very first starting character (along with another). It’s best if you get a good one, but pretty much all the characters are good at something (especially the 4* ones). 

If however you aren’t happy with what you received, I suggest resetting the game and starting over. Like this you can start again and again until you get one (or even two) good 4* characters. Try using this to your advantage, and if you are not happy with what you got first time, try again!

Types of characters

There are 3 types of characters: Attackers, Defenders and Runners. Each one of them is specialized for something in particular, so here’s how they work:

Attackers: are the biggest damage dealers and they work best in combat because they can basically delete an enemy easily.

Defenders: are the “tanks” of the game, and they are best used for defending the Treasure as they can survive the longest.

Runners: are the ones you will appoint for capturing the Treasures as they are really fast (as the name implies). 

The best way to put all the classes to good use is to have at least 1 of each on each team. While the Runners go about and capture the Treasure, they will be shortly followed by the Defenders to secure the spot and defend it, and in the meantime the Attackers will take care of the dirty business, a.k.a. the fight. 

As I mentioned above, it’s best if you use the Stamps to communicate your intentions with the team and let them know exactly what to do to win the game.

And let’s not forget the Elements! Each character has their own Element, which can be Red, Green or Blue. The Elements have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s best to choose a character with a countering Element to the enemy’s. 

Red is strong against Green and weak against Blue.

Green is strong against Blue and weak against Red.

Blue is strong against Red and weak against Green.

Go fight Solo

First and foremost, I suggest that you start the solo quest. This will let you fight enemies which get progressively stronger, and will let you get better at the game. Not only this, but by going in the Solo mode you will earn cool rewards! Also, once you finish a stage on Normal Mode, you can choose to repeat the stage in Hard Mode.

All of these battles will include 3 Challenges which you should do your best to complete in order to earn a Reward. The more Challenges you complete, the better the rewards, so do your best!

Don’t be a target dummy!

That means that when you fight, you should dodge the enemy attacks and not let them freely hit you. When you dodge an incoming attack successfully, you’ll get an invincibility buff for a short time. Whenever you Perfectly Dodge an incoming attack you will become invincible for longer, and let you counter attack like a boss! 

I suggest learning the patterns of enemy attacks and try to read when they are about to use a certain skill or attack in a certain way. This takes practice – lots of it! It’s best if you first try doing this in the Solo Mode so when you will go against other players you will be kind of a pro! 

Pick up the power-ups

Sometimes during your fights you will notice some shiny stuff on the battleground! Those power ups that spawn randomly are these:

– Speed Juice: increases your speed for some time.

– Power Snacks: (reminds me of Scooby Snacks) increases your power for some time.

– Recovery Meat: recovers your HP.

I suggest getting to the Power Snacks before your enemies can, as that will greatly turn the tides of battle in your team’s favor, especially if an Attacker picks them up. The Speed Juice is best picked up by the Runners, and the Recovery Meat by anyone whose HP is pretty low. 

Play and win to upgrade your league

Your league is basically the rank that you have and the higher in the league you are, the better rewards you get from fighting. It’s not hard to climb up the league – all you have to do is keep fighting and winning. 

To get a higher league you should basically focus on the objective of the game and keep fighting the enemies who get in your way. It’s not smart to fight aimlessly with no purpose whatsoever, so try claiming the treasures and stomping the enemies that get in the way. 

A good way to get a higher league is to play an easy character that will let you capture the treasures quickly and move quite fast at the same time. The fast moving part is optional, but if you choose to climb with a slightly tankier character it will be easier IMO since that will let you even take on multiple enemies at once (even if just distracting them while your team collects the Treasures).

One Piece Bounty Rush battle strategies 

I have fought long and hard and I have managed to come up with quite a few battle strategies to help you in the newly released game. If you follow these One Piece Bounty Rush battle tips you will definitely win most of your fights (tested many things in a lot of fights). This is what works best for me, and I’m pretty sure will work very good for you too:

– Rush to the second flag! Your team will most definitely stop at the first treasure to collect it, so there is no need for you to stop there and claim it because you are only wasting time. It’s best if you rush to the next treasure and try to reach it before the enemy does.

– Stick to a couple of characters. Practice those two characters and learn them like your own pocket. It’s good to know what each of their skills does and use them to your advantage in every fight. Most of the people, especially in the lower leagues, I’ve noticed, don’t really know what their characters can do and that makes them vulnerable.

– Don’t use 2 characters of the same Element. Goes without saying, you will need to counter the enemy, so don’t learn 2 characters that use the same Element. 

– Level up the characters, this will make them more powerful and will let you have the upper hand in a fight.

– Upgrade a character’s grade (or star). When you have enough of the specific character’s fragments you can upgrade their grade (star). This will raise their level cap and by default make them more powerful.

– Get high scores (and MVP) for fighting well. The score will improve based on the stuff you do on the battlefield, from how many treasures you captured to how many KOs you performed. This will also count towards your league score, so aim high!

– Keep attacking the enemy after he’s down. That’s right, you heard me. There’s nothing fair in love and war, and neither should be here. To win a fight easier, pick a target and lock on to them. Stay next to them and keep kicking them until they respawn and disappear. (it’s mean but it works!)

– If your team is lost, you can still try to save the fight. You should keep doing your part and keep collecting the treasures. It might happen that you will be matched with a bad team, so don’t get all upset (because it happens). Just keep doing your part because you never know – the enemy might mess up at some point and that’s going to be your winning ticket.

– Pick a counter Element to the enemy’s. I mentioned this before, but it can make a world of difference. It’s really important to pay close attention to this.

– Don’t attack 3 or more enemies at the same time. It goes without saying! You might be able to take on two at the same time, but never 3! All 3 enemies can lock you down immediately no matter how bad they are, so I suggest not trying this.

– If there are multiple enemies in one location, a treasure is not protected! There are 4 players in a team. If there are more than 2 people on one treasure, that means that they might have left another unprotected. Go and capture it!

These would be our One Piece Bounty Rush tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you know some other useful battle tips and strategies, leave them down in the comments for all of us players of the game to follow! 

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One Piece Bounty Rush Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles

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