Once Upon a Tower Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The poor princess is trapped in the sky-high tower! When will the brave knight come rescue her? Oh, there he is now – oh wait… he just got eaten by the dragon. Once Upon a Tower is an action tower delving game where you play as the courageous princess. There’s no one coming to save you so it’s time to take matters into your own hands! Our Once Upon a Tower cheats and tips will help you get a head start in your tower diving adventure!

Once Upon a Tower is game about making split second decisions on the fly, so let’s hone your reflexes with our Once Upon a Tower cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Combo bash those enemies!

Defeating multiple enemies within a short period of time will start a combo multiplier. This increases the amount of points you get from the combo, and the longer it is the more points you’ll earn. If at all possible, try to wait for enemies to move close to each other and bunch up – that’s the perfect moment to strike! Or you can also wait until they’re below you, then you can drop in on them to surprise attack and strike them all down in one fell swoop.

Complete the challenges!

Every time you finish a run, your end score is multiplied by your current challenge multiplier. It starts off at x1, but completing the first set of challenges bumps it up to x2. Completing the next one goes to x3, and so forth. As you can see, beating the challenge sets is the key to getting high scores. Be sure to complete as many challenges as you can, and check over them before you start your run so you know what you’re doing!

Buy the power ups!

At the start of each level you can spend some points to buy temporary power ups. If you don’t really care about score – because it really doesn’t do anything other than give you bragging rights – you can buy some power ups to make the next level a little easier. Your score is wiped every time you’re knocked out anyways, so you might as well spend the points to make your princess life easier.

Deflect fireballs!

The dragon statues that shoot out fireballs can actually be reflected away! If you’re standing one a space below, you can smack fireballs as they pass over your head. This will cause them to fly upward and destroy anything they come in contact with. It’s useful for reaching things you may have accidentally passed.

A more advanced trick is swatting fireballs right back at the dragon statues. To do this you must be in the middle of a fall, then smack a fireball left or right to hit it back in that direction. The second set of challenges actually requires you to do this and it’s incredibly unwieldy and dangerous – we don’t recommend trying to do it once you complete the challenge! But, if you can master it, quick reflexes can save your life if you take a mistimed jump.


Most of the mistake you’ll make in this game are caused by rushing! Be patient and study the layout below you before you make the plunge. There’s no rush or time limit you need to worry about – just make sure you’re not standing on a row that has windows. Sometimes that mean old dragon likes to stop by and say hello by roasting open-windowed rows. Other than that, there’s nothing wrong with sitting by and waiting for the right moment to jump in.

That’s all for Once Upon a Tower. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Once Upon a Tower Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide



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