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Om Nom: Run Guide: Tips & Tricks To Earning All Stars

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Om Nom and Om Nelle are running through Nomville in an attempt to clean the streets, and they need your help in Om Nom: Run, a new endless runner that is a part of the Cut the Rope universe. Play as favorite Nom and jump, slide, and dodge obstacles as you dash through the city grabbing as many coins as possible.

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In our Om Nom: Run tips and tricks guide, we will share some tips with you on how to get far in a run, how to score big points, and how to earn all of the stars in each level. Let’s get started with our Om Nom: Run tips and tricks strategy guide to earning all stars!

Basic Running Controls

Om Nom: Run controls like a basic endless runner. Om Nom will automatically run forward on his own with his stubby little legs, but you can swipe to the sides to make him switch lanes. Be ready to switch, as you will do this often to get out of the way of obstacles.

Om Nom can also jump by swiping up and slide by swiping down. Jumping helps you cross gaps in between platforms and reach higher platforms, and sliding can help you go right under obstacles that are high but have an opening near the bottom. You will need to use all of Om Nom’s moves in order to make in through safely!

Grab the Coins and Power ups!

As is the case with just about any other endless runner, not only are you going for distance, but you also want to grab as many coins as you can. Coins are used to unlock awesome new characters to play as and upgrade existing ones, so you want as many as possible!

During your run, you will eventually come across a power up of some sort. These items, as indicated by the bright pillars of light, are very powerful and they grant you temporary special powers, so grab them if you see ’em!

  • The Magnet will attract coins to you no matter what lane you are in. Combine this with the coin multiplier for lots of coins!
  • The Coin Multiplier will double the value of each coin you pick up. Go only for coins when you grab this and prepare to make the big bucks!
  • The Spring Shoes puts a little extra “spring” in your step! You jump very high when you have these babies on, so you can get to platforms that would normally be out of your reach!
  • The Rocket will launch you high into the sky where you can collect a lot of coins without having to worry about any kind of obstacle.

Perform Stunts for Big Air

Occasionally you will come across green ramps with arrows on them. In front of the ramps are special bikes that allow your character to pull off sick tricks in the air once they go off the ramp. The trick your character does depends on the ramp and each character has their own unique tricks.

There are usually items high in the sky after you trick, so make sure to grab them. After your trick is over, your jetpacks will activate and you will fly in the air for about a few seconds. Use this time to grab any coins!

Tricks net you championship points in the Stunt Championship. Every day a new Stunt Championship starts up, and it keeps track of all the points you earn while you pull of stunts. The championship ends after the day is over, and depending on where you rank up against your opponents, the better your rewards will be!

The top winner scores 15,000 coins, so try to pull off as many tricks as you can. Keep an eye out for those green ramps and hit every last one of them!

Complete the Mission Chapters

Om Nom: Run is separated by missions and chapters. You start out in chapter one on the first mission where you simply need to run a certain distance. Keep running, do not crash into anything, and eventually you will run the required distance. The mission will be marked as completed, and you will earn all three stars!

As you progress through the missions, you will eventually get to the end of the chapter. In order to proceed to the next chapter, you need to have collected enough stars from the previous missions. Here are a few tips for each kind of missions.

For distance missions, you need to run the full distance in order to get all three stars. Failing earlier will only get you one or two stars. This mode is simply about patience – just focus on dodging all of the obstacles. If you really need to, ignore power ups and coins and just focus on staying alive!

For token missions, you need to collect a certain amount of purple tokens to get all the stars. These purple tokens spawn pretty often, so you should have trouble collecting them. Just be sure to watch out for the pillars of lights, as they are often covered by random stuff in the level.

For letter missions, you need to spell out the word at the top of the screen by collecting the required letters. You need to complete the entire word for all stars, so you need to survive and grab them all. They spawn pretty quickly just like the tokens do!

For the stunt missions, you need to perform a certain number of stunts off ramps to get all of the stars. This one takes a little longer because stunt ramps are not too common, but keep at it and eventually you will find one.

Upgrading Character Stunts

Each character has their own fun stunts to perform when they go off a ramp, and you can actually make them earn more points for you. If you tap on a character you own, you will see their three stunt. You can spend coins here to upgrade a specific stunt – when you utilize this stunt during gameplay, you will earn more points for it than usual.

This is the key to getting lots of points and earning enough to place high on the leaderboard for the Stunt Championship. As mentioned before, scoring lots of stunt points will be you high on the leaderboard. The higher you are when the current championship ends, the more coins you will earn!

Try Free Run for More Coins

If you are tired of the regular mission mode, why not try running just for fun? If you tap on the checkered flag on the main menu, you will enter Free Run mode. In this mode, you have no missions to worry about – you just run to see how far you can get!

Free Run has a leaderboard just like the Stunt Championship does. Your score is your distance ran, so getting very far can result in a nice coin reward. If you are going for the top prize which contains a whopping 120,000 coins, be prepared to run – you need to reach a distance over 40,000 in order to top the number one spot!

Check in for your Daily Bonus and Free Spin

Your first log in for the day will net you your daily bonus, which is a ton of coins! Day one gives you 1,000 coins, day two 1,500 coins, day three 2,000 coins, and day four 3,000 coins. On the fifth day you will receive a free Super Chest, which might contain a new character in it! You have the whole week to get your log in bonuses before it resets, so you can miss two days and still be okay!

You can also win coins by spinning the prize wheel. This thing can be spun for free every couple of hours, so make sure you come back every now and then to use your spins. You have the chance to get:

  • 1,000 coins
  • 5,000 coins
  • 10,000 coins
  • 20,000 coins
  • 50,000 coins
  • 100,000 coins

That’s all for Om Nom: Run! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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