Goodnight Games is among the best mobile developers, having released some very good games like Malevolent Machines. The team has been working hard on their next game called Plunder Kings, and they are now ready to show the progress they made so far in a brand new trailer.

The new trailer, which can be found below, showcases some of the features that will make the game stand out from the competition.

At first glance, Plunder Kings is an old school inspired shooter game, but things are far more interesting. The main feature that defines Plunder Kings is the fact that players will be dealing with randomly generated waves of enemies of increasing difficulty: the longer you will survive, the strongest the enemies will be.

All enemies drop loot, which can be used to power up and upgrade the ship. At the end of each wave, you will have the option of getting the loot and end the run or continue to obtain better loot. If you lose, however, you will get no loot at all, something that adds a very nice risk-reward twist to the experience.

Plunder Kings launches on a yet to be confirmed release date, but more on the matter should be coming in the next few days.


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