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Oh My Dog Tier List

Oh My Dog Tier List

Oh My Dog is filled with funny and adorable dogs, but those pups aren’t just for show. They can fight, too, becoming a formidable force against your evil colleagues and bosses. But which dogs are the most powerful?

Our tier list will tell you which dogs are more worth farming Chests for and which you can afford to wait for a bit longer. From S+ to C-tier, let’s look at how the pups in Oh My Dog are ranked. And if you’re discovering you’re more of a cat person, feel free to jump to our Battle Cats Crazed Cat stage guide after reading this list.

Oh My Dog Character Tier List

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The developer Joy Nice Games made sure to include plenty of dogs throughout six distinct classes. Rather than looking at the overall roster, we’ll go through each class with its own tier list.


The Warrior class benefits most from powerful attacks, so we’ve based the list primarily on that metric.

S+Napoleon, King Arthur
SStrawhat, DOG-800
AMr Sheild, Dogfather
BBark Sparrow, Bonny Dog
CTop Boxer


The Tank class will, naturally rely the most on health and defense.

S+Caesar, Superdog
SSpardogs, Poseidog
AKradogs, Huskey Lee
BPinky Piggy, Strong Arm


The Assassin class relies on a combination of speed and attack.

S+Dragon Doll
SBank Note, Bumbledoge
ARonin, Baozi, Assassin
BHotdog, Doggie VV


The Mage class needs to deal damage, be fast, and survive the fight, which is why this class needs overall balanced characters.

S+Wizard Dog, K/DOG Idol
SThunder, Green Leaf, Red Cap
BBark Snow, Dracula
CChow Chow


The Sup (support) class must react quickly in battles, so their most important attribute will be speed.

S+Athena, Meduza
SCleopatra, Zeus
BModern Holmes, Mona Lisa
CSponge Dog, Lady Monroe


Much like the Warrior, the Ranger class has attack as its greatest asset.

S+Loli Gunner, Triple Kill
SPeter Pug, NO23
ACowbull, Demon Girl, Ninja Dog

For each class, the S+ characters represent the ultimate powerhouses, while S and A-tier dogs are very useful. Unlike most other tier lists, the B and C-tiers here don’t represent dogs you should avoid but rather those that will simply be less useful in combat compared to higher tiers.

This concludes our Oh My Dog tier list. If you want more gaming goodness, catch the latest from our News or Apps & Lists articles. Do you have a favorite pup from the game? Ours are DOG-800, Thunder, and all other punny pups!

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