The legendary Wolf Archer, the one who could shoot down the swift fenrir, the one who could shoot down the mighty giants, the one who could shoot down the ferocious serpents… many told of their tales. With the Wolf Archer’s time long past, it is up to the progenies to carry on the legacy. Who will be the one chosen to enter Valhalla?

Vikings II is an vertical-scrolling shoot ’em up where players take control of one of the viking children of the Wolf Archer. The children may all be working together but they understand that only one will be chosen to join the ranks of Valhalla. Will it be you?

In Vikings II, players start the adventure by choosing their favorite viking. All the vikings start out the same, so pick the one that pleases you aesthetically. You will journey through Asgard fighting all sorts of mythical beasts, including trolls, kraken, demons, and even Odin himself.

As vikings fight and gain gold, they can spend that gold to train themselves in different aspects. Obtain stronger projectiles, fire off multiple shots, fly around the field faster, and more. There are lots of different ways to develop your viking!

Vikings II is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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