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No One Escape Guide: Tips & Cheats To Master Both Roles

No One Escape Guide: Tips & Cheats To Master Both Roles

It is a deadly game of cat and mouse in No One Escape, a suspenseful horror game in which you are either the brutal killer or a resilient survivor. Hunt down your foes and slaughter them as the killer, or evade the killer with agile moves as the survivor! Do well in either role to earn lots of coins and unlock new characters and upgrades!

In Touch Tap Play’s No One Escape tips and tricks guide, we will give you helpful tips on how to play both roles. Since you never know what you are going to be, you need to know how to play both roles, so let’s get started with our No One Escape cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to master both roles!

How to Beat the Levels

As the start of a level, you are given three seconds to move around and sort of get a feel for the level’s layout. After the three seconds are up, you will find out if you are playing the level as a survivor or a killer!

As the Survivor

If you see someone else besides you don the mask and become a killer, you are playing the round as a survivor. As the survivor, you and three other survivors must team up to find all four of the switches in the level and escape through the exit gates.

There is nothing to indicate where the switches are, so you will need to look around the entire level to find them. When one of the other survivors hits a switch, you will have a visual and audio cue.

As you are exploring the level, keep an eye out for a red cone moving around. This cone indicates the killer’s line of sight, and if you enter it he will make a beeline straight for you!

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Evading the Killer

The killer is slightly faster than you, so you are going to have to lose him by being tricky. Killers will lose interest in you if you can duck out of their line of sight, so try to bend around lots of corners to lose them.

You may have also noticed that some walls have holes in them. You can jump through them to get to the other side, and the best part is that they are inaccessible to killers. However, keep in mind that it takes a few second to get through, and you can be hit during this time!

Helping other Survivors

If a survivor is caught by the killer, they will go down in a bloody mess, but they will not be completely dead yet! If you have the opportunity to, you should try to revive them. You will earn bonus coins at the end of the level for the amount of revives you do, and they will also help you find the switches.

To revive a incapacitated survivor, simply stand over them and wait a few seconds, and they will get up as good as new. If you have to – and we strongly recommend you do – you can bail out and come back if the killer spots you.

If your teammates go down, you can revive them, but if YOU go down, the level is instantly failed even if other survivors are still alive. This is why it is important to protect yourself above all!

As the Killer

Oh no! You have donned the evil mask, and now you have nothing but violence on your mind! As the killer, your objective is to either incapacitate all four survivors, or run the clock so that they are trapped with you forever.

Vision works a little differently for the killer. The green circle and cone around you represent your vision – survivors will only appear if they are inside this cone. Because of this, you will need to pay extra attention to find survivors.

Look for the Visual and Audio Cues

When you are hunting your prey, keep an eye out for red vibration marks. If a survivor is nearby and they are running around, they will leave behind these red marks, giving away their location. Head over to them and take them out!

When you are looking around, if a survivor enters your line of sight, there will be a red exclamation mark over your head. If they leave your line of sight but they are still in the immediate area, a yellow question mark will appear.

Keep this in mind, as some survivors may get a little cocky and try to slip past you behind your circle. It helps to keep your head on a swivel to expose any would-be daring survivors.

If you are having trouble finding anyone, just be patient. When a survivor hits a switch, you will see an indicator that points towards the switch. Just wander in the general direction of the switch and you are bound to find someone!

Going for the Kill

Now that you have spotted someone, run straight for them. To attack as the killer, you simply need to get close enough and you will swing automatically.

You can choose to stay by the incapacitated survivor to ensure nobody revives them, but this will leave time for the other survivors to find switches. You should stay on the move and try to find as many as you can.

Remember that you still win if you can run the clock out, so it is OK if one of the survivors manages to revive the others.

Best Way to Get Coins

At the end of a level, you will earn coins depending on how well you did. You are graded on several different factors that differ between the survivors and killers.

As the killer, you are graded based on the amount of survivors you downed and if any survivors escaped. You get 10 coins per survivor you incapacitate, and you will earn an automatic 30 coins if no survivors escape.

This is pretty straight forward – simply take out as many survivors as you can. If you want to be extra sadistic, you can leave two survivors alive, then attack one of them, wait for the other to revive them, and repeat for extra coins.

As the survivor, you get 10 coins for every switch you activate. You also get 10 coins every time you revive a downed survivor. If you escape the level successfully, you earn an automatic 30 coins.

Try to be the first one to find the switches, and always help out your teammates when you can. After the exit gate is open, you can hang around for a bit to save any stragglers, but make sure not to go down yourself.

Upgrades and Special Characters

You can use the coins you have amassed to upgrade various aspects about your characters.

For the killer, you can upgrade his movement speed and attack range, both of which will help you hunt down the survivors easier.

For the survivors, you can upgrade speed and help speed. You can move around faster and you also revive teammates much faster.

Once you finish upgrading your characters all the way, you can unlock special characters in the shop.

  • The Chainsaw is the only other killer you can unlock and he costs 1,000 coins. He has no special abilities and functions exactly like the Butcher, but you get to wield a cool chainsaw!
  • The Cowboy is a special survivor that costs 2,000 coins and comes equipped with a shotgun. The shotgun can be used to temporarily stun the killer!
  • The SWAT is the second special survivor that costs 1,000 coins. SWAT uses a riot shield that will protect them from a single hit once per level.

We do not recommend getting the Chainsaw killer since he has no special abilities, but the two special survivors are worth unlocking.

That is all for No One Escape! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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