No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Velvet Chair Girl

No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III features quite a few wacky combat scenarios, but we challenge you to find one scenario in the game that’s crazier than the Velvet Chair Girl boss fight. This lethal game of musical chair will see you put aside everything you have learned so far to learn new mechanics right on the fly.

Here’s everything you need to know to make it out of this fight alive.


Velvet Chair Girl is the space champion of musical chairs, and she has worked hard to achieve this. Not that she will tell you how she got to become so good, as she does not speak at all. You will have to participate and win this lethal musical chairs game in Episode 05 – Dead Cannon.


Being a very unique boss battle, Velvet Chair Girl doesn’t drop any item upon defeat.

How to Defeat Velvet Chair Girl

The battle against Velvet Chair Girls sees you play musical chairs together with her and a few other individuals. The battle consists of three different rounds, and in the final round, it will be you against the boss. To win these three rounds, all you need to do is hit the buttons shown on the screen when the metronome is yellow to gain a speed boost, making sure you do not miss the button when the music stops. If this happens, the alien Ohma who accompanies the boss will take you out, forcing you to restart from the beginning of the round you have been defeated in.

As rounds pass, the metronome will become faster, and the button selection will include pretty much every button on the controller by the third round, making things a little more difficult. Feel the rhythm, focus on the screen and you should dethrone Velvet Chair Girl with ease.

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Velvet Chair Girl


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