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Ninja Girls: Reborn Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Girls

Ninja Girls: Reborn Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Girls

If you are looking for some Ninja Girls: Reborn tips you’ve come to the right place, because we have just what you were looking for! If you’re a fan of the anime world (I can relate), then this game might have made you go all “awww” since it combines both the normal anime girl style with the chibi style (which is super kawaii).

In this article we will feature the Ninja Girls: Reborn tips and cheats to help you get more girls and pick the best characters to join your team. So, without further do, let’s dive right in!

How to get more girls

Our first Ninja Girls: Reborn tips will revolve around the ways you can get more girls. There are a few ways of doing that, the first one is from Vending Machine. Since there are three vending machines, I’ll detail more about each one of them below.

Small Exp Juice

Here you can use coins to buy summons. It’s the best and fastest way for the players to get girls, since you get a few free summons every day, but it’s also random, so you never know what you’re going to get – item or Ninja Girl.

For 10000 coins you can summon once, for 90000 you can summon 10 times (blue item guaranteed). You can also go for the 900000 summon if you have that amount of coins, and you will get 100 summons.

Medium Exp Juice

You can get a Ninja Girl or a blue item from here by using Diamonds. You also have a few free summons, so make sure you check whenever you can for the next available one. This is an even better way of getting good Ninja Girls, if you have a few diamonds to spare.

SX Exp Juice 

From this vending machine you can get a Ninja Girl’s scroll. This is the best way to spend your Diamonds in my opinion, since you have a high chance of getting some very good Ninja Girls.

That’s the vending machines ways, but there are also other ways of getting girls, such as the store. If you feel like you want to get them right away and have the means of doing so, visit the store and buy them from there.

If you like tea, however, like many of us do, you can have some tea with the girls and possibly get your favorite one from the Tea Party. Also, the Workplace is another place that has a few girls available for you, and if you can’t get from the Workplace, go check the Activity panel for a ton more events to get your favorite girls and some limited-time-available ones.

Cute pets are a must 

It wouldn’t be a proper anime game if it didn’t have some cute pets to choose from. These amazingly cuddly cute companions can be obtained from the Sky Tower, as well as from some Activity events. To get pet essence you can go to the Sky Tower, and that’s going to be the main source for your pet stuff and resources.

Level up fast and become unstoppable

To level up quickly, all you have to do is to focus on your missions and complete as many as you can. Also, don’t forget about the Campaign, since it’s really important to clear as many stages as you can to advance quickly. By leveling up, you will become more powerful and you will be able to defeat the upcoming stages easier.

If you want to level up your girls quickly, don’t forget about all the Juices you get from the vending machines, since they add exp to them according to the size of the juice bottle. Always try to keep them on a somewhat equal level to each other because that will make your team more powerful and there will be no weak spots.

Get costumes and become a true fashion queen

If the fashion guru inside you starts whispering about all the possibilities, get a costume! Your girl will definitely love having a cute outfit to wear. In game, they are called skins and to get your favorite ones you will need to head on to the Skinroom (name says everything, right?). Also, if you consider yourself lucky, you can place a bid in the auction house and if it turns out successful, the costume is yours!

Some of the Activity events can also reward you with skins, but it might be quite difficult sometimes, so the other option you can try here is waiting. The Sign In rewards will eventually give you some skins, but if you don’t like waiting head on to the Arena. If you have a powerful team, reach the top and collect the rewards because among them will be some skins as well.

Visit the library and increase intimacy (for not so obvious reasons)

Because here is the secret place where you can interact with girls and earn intimacy points. Weirdly enough, it’s happening in the Library, and you are encouraged to Touch the girls, but that is going to increase the intimacy levels.

What you are encouraged to do here is to Visit the girl and check the Dialogues with each one of them. After you choose the best response each girl likes, Interact with them because that’s going to increase the rank. Once the Intimacy level increases you will unlock new interaction methods and you will even receive some gifts from the girls.

Become more powerful by gearing up

Don’t forget to enchant your gears and use any equipment that increases your girls’ stats. By getting better gears you will make your team more powerful and, the thing is, enemies further down the road become more powerful too.

It’s best if you save some materials for the later on equipment, but don’t neglect all the stats you can improve on early also. If you increase the skill level, the team power increases and that’s a good way of improving even early on. (because you won’t change the skills)

Assemble the best team and win all the fights

The game features an Auto button to do everything in your place, but you shouldn’t use it if you know that the stage is hard. By going on Auto, you can not take full advantage of your team’s skills and you might lose.

I think you know already what each skill from your team does, so I won’t get into that (because your team is different from mine), but I’ll just say that the debuffing skills and crowd control skills should always be cast on the OP enemies.

If you have some healers to back up your team, cast their skills when you find yourself in a stump or a tough situation, because by going with Auto mode, the skills might not be cast when you want, or might not be cast at all.

Also, if you face a really strong opponent, always make sure you debuff every inch of it to make sure your team won’t get harmed.

That’s all the Ninja Girls: Reborn cheats we have for you, but if you know something cool that we haven’t mentioned here, share it with all the game’s fans down in the comments below, because we would love to always learn more.

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Ninja Girls: Reborn Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Girls


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