Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Guide

The Ninja Gaiden series may not be as obscure as other action games out there, but there are still a few things that the three latest entries in the series included in the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection do not explain properly. While action game veterans won’t have any trouble understanding most of the mechanics right away, others who are just starting out their adventure in the brutal world of the series will feel themselves lost.

Here’s how to use Ninpo, extremely useful techniques that can often be the different between life and death in Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

How to Use Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Black is an extremely challenging game, but thankfully the game does provide all the tools Ryu Hayabusa needs to defeat the hordes of enemies he has to face during the adventure. Among these tools is Ninpo, powerful magic spells that can be evoked with specific magic scrolls. These scrolls are either found in the field or purchased with money.

Just purchasing the Ninpo scrolls isn’t enough to use them in combat, as you will need to equip them. To do so, enter the main menu, go to equipment, press right on the pad and then go to Ninpo. Here, press right again to pick your scroll and equip it.

Once the Ninpo scroll has been equipped, you can unleash the ability contained within by pressing the A and X buttons at the same time, but only if you have enough Ki. To know how much Ki you have, you need to check out the flame near the life bar in the top left of the screen. Ki replenishes over time, but it is also possible to use items for instant restoration.

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