Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

It has been some time since a new entry in the Ninja Gaiden series made its way onto a Nintendo console, but from this month, all Nintendo Switch owners can enjoy the three main entries in the modern rendition of the series on their console thanks to the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection.

The three games included in the collection, however, are not exactly newcomer friendly, featuring challenging action gameplay that is more difficult than anything else currently available on the console. This is why someone who is not used to this type of game may want to change difficulty in all three games, starting with Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the first game included in the collection. Here’s how to.

How To Change Difficulty In Ninja Gaiden Sigma

As you start the game, you will notice that there are no difficulty options in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and the game doesn’t ask you at which difficulty level you want to play the game at the start. This is because only Normal difficulty is available at the start, and every other difficulty has to be unlocked.

To unlock the Ninja Dog mode, which is essentially an easier difficulty that is just perfect for newcomers, you will have to see the Game Over screen three times. Once you do, the game will notify you that the new difficulty has been unlocked and is now ready for use.

Those who want to be challenged further by Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be able to do so with the other difficulty settings – Hard, Very Hard, and Master Ninja, which is the ultimate Ninja Gaiden Sigma challenge. To unlock these settings, all you have to do is complete the game at the highest difficulty level available to you at the time, so at Normal to unlock Hard, at Hard to unlock Very Hard, and at Very Hard to unlock Master Ninja.

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